• Rarity Day 2018 Comes to a Close!

    Rarity is one of those ponies I don't appreciate nearly enough until I spend some time reminding myself why she's great. It was only after "Suited for Success" back in season one that I started to really love her. Her design, her voice, her everything is absolutely perfect.

    Unfortunately, her day has come to an end. That doesn't mean you all should stop making more Rarity stuff though! I want to see her every day here int he EQD submit box, so keep it up!

    The next pony day, according to our calendar, is Sunset Shimmer on the 22nd.  

    Technically that's an episode day though, so we can probably expect it to be shifted to Sunday or Monday. Expect updates once we get closer to the date! So... next week. You can go ahead and start drawing for Open Art now if you'd like, just save the submissions for when it opens. 

    Anyway, we have some straggler/ancient content that didn't quite have enough to go along with it today, so get all of that below.


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    Becoming Popular | MLP Piano Cover [Sheet Music & MIDI] by Matías Peñaloza

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    Your nightmare by AgrolChannel

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    Rainbow High - Rarity MLP AMV by LM1313

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    Shine Like Rarity by shiropoint

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    Generosity [PMV] by SonicRainboomFTW

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    Character study : Rarity the element of Inspiration [MLP FIM] by MaiSky

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    PMV - Aida: My Strongest Suit by Eldonde

    [8] Source

    Top 10 Fanmade Rarity Songs by WatchPony



    To Serve In Hell - By Coffeeminion
    Starlight Glimmer's attempts to stop the Rainboom pulled Twilight Sparkle into many possible timestreams.

    In one, Rarity and Rainbow Dash survived Nightmare Moon's victory over the forces of light, eventually attaining positions of prominence and comfort in the Nightmare's service. But when the unexpected visit of an Alicorn and Dragon sheds light on a growing conspiracy against the wicked mistress of the night, Rarity and Rainbow Dash may yet be inspired to risk what they have gained to join the fight for a better world.

    The Hair - By DrakeyC

    Rarity finds a grey hair

    'nuff said.

    By: John


    By Booksmart The Alicorn
    Allure, attraction etitiquette ,eloquence,
    Artistic. inspirational intelligence
    The glory of glamor.
    The wonder of wealth
    The miracle of magic
    The heavenliness of health.
    The bloom of the body.
    The marvel of the mind
    The creativity of colors
    A Heart of gold that is selfless .loving, and kind.
    The loveiness of luster
    Delicacy .decorum, and décor.
    When comes to blessings of beauty , darling, I could list more
    But the greatest gift of Fabulosity
    Is The gift of Generosity.

    by AquilaTEagle