• Pony Plushie Compilation #286

    I'm really starting to like these faux fur manes. They seem pretty common these days.

    Plushie time. Go get jealous with me below.

    [1] Source

    Plushie DJ Pon3 by Burgunzik

    [2] Source

    Sunset Shimmer large with faux fur mane by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [3] Source

    Tree Hugger by KetikaCraft

    [4] Source

    Smiling Sunset Shimmer by KetikaCraft

    [5] Source

    Plushie Tempest Shadow by Burgunzik

    [6] Source

    Rainbow Dash emoji mini by KetikaCraft

    [7] Source

    Blackjack by PlanetPlush

    [8] Source

    Bon Bon (Sweetie Drops) and Lyra Heartstrings by AllunaCraft

    [9] Source

    Lyra Heartstrings by AllunaCraft

    [10] Source

    Cozy Glow for sale by AllunaCraft

    [11] Source

    Lifesize Pinkamena plush by RosaMariposaCrafts

    [12] Source

    Derpy by GSCuddleCraft

    [13] Source

    Fluttershy update! by AllysInventions

    [14] Source

    Scootaloo plush by TrashKitten-Plushies

    [15] Source

    Rainbow Dash small beanie with poseable wings by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [16] Source

    MLP Soarin small plushie w faux fur by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [17] Source

    mlp plushie commission Occellus completed by CINNAMON-STITCH

    [18] Source

    mlp plushie Sleeping Beanies canon and OC's by CINNAMON-STITCH

    [19] Source

    MLP Pinkie Pie Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep

    [20] Source

    Rain Shine Kirin queen mlp custom plushie for sale by caroarte

    [21] Source

    Plush Autumn Blaze-Kirin-MLP by Masha05

    [22] Source

    MLP Sugar Wings Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep

    [23] Source

    Plush Princess of Muffins by Burgunzik

    [24] Source

    Plushie OC Mixed Glider by Burgunzik

    [25] Source

    Pear Butter Plush by Jhaub1

    [26] Source

    OC Save State by 1stAstraStudio

    [27] Source

    Pinkie Pie Mini by WollyShop

    [28] Source

    Sultry Sunset by PlanetPlush