• Full version of Fall of Anterfold Outland 3 is available now

    I'm not sure how they manage to keep up this brisk pace of releases, but it is rather impressive all the same! The creators of the Anterfold series have another full release out in the form of Outland 3 for you all to play.

    Get it and all the accompanying info after the break!

    We back and after some rest, we glad to introduce Fall of Anterfold: Outland 3. Outland 2 got very mixed reviews, and the common result was not good. We are not offended and have accepted all critic with a clear mind. Outland 3 has returned to own initial roots all that you loved in the original game now improved and some elements were reworked such as Blood Level.

    Also, graphics color style was returned to Outland 1 sources.
    It's not ending. We have new plans for development the Fall of Anterfold world, and new franchises such as Vampfold and The Infected Area (Fallout Anterfold)

    Anyway, keep an eye on our news and thanks for the support.

    Screenshots: (Quality of images can be lower than it should be, if you have that problem, please visit the official page to see the original quality)

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