• Fanfiction:The Light of Despair


    Author: Gordon Pasha

    Description: 1000 years ago, the Crystal Empire disappeared, leaving one pony lost, homeless, and full of self-blame. 

    Having abandoned everything she knows, Radiant Hope scours the Frozen North, looking for Sombra, his people, and a remedy for her own doubts and fears. What she finds instead is the frontier town of Whinnysburg, where the population is besieged by a deadly plague. It seems like an easy task for such a powerful healer to halt the plague and save the town. But when the plague proves immune to even Radiant Hope's powerful healing magic, she vows to use any means necessary in order to stop it. But to overcome an evil unlike anything she has ever known, Hope may have to tread a darker path herself, a path which just might lead to her alliance with the Umbrum and the near-demise of the Crystal Empire 1000 years in the future.

    The Light of Despair

    Additional Tags: "The devil always tells the truth."