• Fanfiction: Of Lilies and Chestnuts

    [Normal][Slice of Life]

    Author: Prane


    Fancy Pants and his lovely wife Fleur are quite possibly Canterlot's most heroic duet. Together they conquered countless events, faced hordes of snobbish socialites, and emerged victorious from the most dire of faux pas. May their bravery and finesse be forever remembered on parties to come!

    There is a missing element in their perfect life, though: the joy of having a child and becoming a family. When conventional methods fail, will the couple muster enough courage to seek out the alternative, or will they stay a duet forever?

    Enter Chestnut—a daring filly from beyond Equestria, out of their social stratum, and definitely exceeding their boldest expectations.

    For better or worse.
    Of Lilies and Chestnuts
    Operation Wonderbit
    Merry Chestnuts and Happy New Fleur

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