• Fanfiction: Jailhouse Rock


    Author: Impossible Numbers
    Description: Unlike Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, the siren Adagio Dazzle is neither a childish idiot nor an apathetic layabout. She has vision. She has purpose. She has drive.
    So when – after their spectacular defeat at the hands of the Rainbooms – the trio of terror wind up incarcerated as a result of another failed scheme, she utterly refuses to take it lying down. Nothing in her past has taught her to accept failure. Nothing.
    However, the longer she spends in this cell, and the more she has to put up with the irritations and insults of the other two, the more she starts to wonder if something else is going on. Something far more sinister than yet another tedious setback.

    Jailhouse Rock

    Additional Tags: Claustrophobic Horror, Minds Eroding, and Hidden Tests?