• Fanfiction: Bulletproof Heart

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe]

    Author: PaulAsaran

    Description: In a sunburned Equestria, Rarity leads the pleasant life of a clothier in the tiny town of Spurhoof. She’s got a successful business, a capable assistant, and the respect of the place she’s called home for six years. Maybe she never achieved her foalhood dreams of fabulosity, but at least she’s comfortable. What more can a mare ask for? Then a band of outlaws decide to pay Spurhoof a visit, and their leader’s eye has settled upon Rarity. For now, it’s only a nuisance. Little does she know that her life is about to be turned upside down. When it is, she’ll have to fight not only for her life, but maybe her very soul. Will her diamond turn dull under the hot Equestrian sun, or will adversity make her shine all the brighter?

    Bulletproof Heart

    Additional Tags: Gunslinger Rarity in Sunburned Equestria