• Episode Followup: The Washouts

    Oh ho, what have we here? Teen angst? A rival team for the Wonderbolts and the return of a long-awaited antagonist? All in an episode that's got the fans divided?

    Looks like we've got an episode follow up on our hands, gang. Good thing I'm here on time for once (... what do you mean this episode aired weeks ago in France?). Join me below the break to tell adults who just don't understand to back off.

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    No seriously, this same group of ponies has been meeting since season 2. I'm surprised Rainbow's parents aren't here.

    But Rainbow sure is. Does it count as a Daring Don't reference if it's just a reused face?

    Speaking of earlier seasons, I think when Rainbow's being egotistical these days, it can feel a tad regressive since she's been humbled a few times over the years. The fan club here doesn't help because it brings Mare-do-Well to mind.

    I'd argue it depends how the writer uses that egotism, and as we get further into the episode it's easy to see why the writer threw some in the balance of her character.

    The difference between being a fan of an established property with merchandise, and being a fan of an obscure, lesser known person or thing. The Rainbow Dash fanclub looks like it was decorated almost entirely by Scootaloo herself, but the Washouts have merch to spare.

    That standee on the left is a very nice bit of visual foreshadowing. It's vague enough that you don't know who it is, but the colour scheme and lightning bolts might give eagle-eyed viewers a few hints...

    Goofy face is goofy.

    And not to put a finer point on it, but the episode paces this scene as if all Scootaloo did was rip down a Rainbow Dash poster and put up a Washouts poster, when in reality she redesigned the entire clubhouse in their gear.

    I could complain, but honestly it's funnier to me to assume Rainbow wasn't shocked until Scootaloo put up the poster. That's too far, man.

    Today's pen-monkey is Nick Confalone!

    Trivia time: Even though Confalone's been writing Pony and Equestria Girls for years, according to IMDB this is his first go at writing either a Rainbow Dash or Scootaloo centric episode—and now he's tackling two in one! 

    Which, by the way, is a thing I love about a number of Crusader solo episodes; oftentimes they consider the perspectives of both the kids and the adults in the situation, and when done right, it makes for a more well-rounded story overall; today's offering is no exception.

    Like this.

    I'll say this again as we go but it's true: this episode rewards you for paying attention to Scootaloo.

    In this shot, you might focus on Rainbow Dash, because she's the one talking and making an excuse, which is the joke. But already we see Scootaloo looking at her mentor and hero just a little differently (and with good reason). Subtle, subtle...

    Which is a word the people responsible for Rainbow's facial expressions don't know the meaning of. And I love them for it.

    More visual foreshadowing! We've seen this Wonderbolts poster a few times throughout the series, so any fan who remembers it will notice the Washouts poster is quite the opposite. The direction the flyers are flying in is inverted, and instead of highlighting the team, the leader of the mysterious Washouts stands alone.

    If it wasn't clear already, this sets them up as rivals to the Wonderbolts, or at the very least related to them somehow, so it's a very well designed asset.

    Damn it, I promised myself this followup wouldn't be 100% cute pictures of Scootaloo, but how can I resist those eyes?

    I'd like to take this moment to acknowledge the meta fact that for a good while in the early seasons, the fandom pretty well all assumed stunts on her scooter would be what Scootaloo got her cutie mark for. Heck, I'm sure at one point the show staff thought so too—it was set up that way, at least.

    I'm all for a show letting its characters grow more organically when necessary, but it does add a certain level of irony to this episode that I enjoy the hell out of.

    Notice that the Squirt's a tiny bit unimpressed with Rainbow Dash here. These tiny moments that would otherwise not mean a thing start to build throughout the episode to make Scootaloo's transformation from super fan to Angsty Teen so much more believable.

    Does not Dash-pute. (This joke is in loving memory of the Sherclop Pones' Rainbow Dash, to be read in her voice)

    I love that Rainbow's friends are clearly all familiar enough with her bull to think it's kind of endearing. They might still roll their eyes at her from time to time, but there's a genuine love along with it.

    The fact that this isn't the most insane face Dash makes this episode is a beautiful thing. I wonder how this episode would be received by the early Brony fandom. They'd have so much meme fodder...

    Remember when it was a fandom joke that Applejack secretly loathed other fruits? 

    Sweet Apple Acres Remembers.

    Pfft. I love this poster. You know what it says?



    Followed by what I can only assume is kanji because that's just illegible. 

    We'll come back to you, Twilight. I like the set up, though.

    And here we see the Washouts' emblem.

    Very snazzy! And those lightning bolts aren't suspicious at all.

    I wouldn't take Octavia or Moondancer's sisters for the type that loved stunt shows, but who am I to judge?

    You'll also notice a few members of the Student 6 are in the crowd. Gallus and Silverstream on the middle set of bleachers and Yona and Ocellus on the right. Maybe Sandbar and Smolder are off studying like good students.

    While this was an unnecessary line in a tightly paced episode, I personally just appreciate the fact that the animators took the time to make the cupcakes intricate enough that I can easily believe it took Pinkie longer than she thought. That's one hell of an icing job. 

    As an added bonus, this image is what I imagine when the words Evil Pinkie come to mind. Or at least, Pinkie's idea of what Evil Pinkie would be. Baking eeeevil cupcakes for a sinister party. Mwahaha! Eat them before they get cold!


    The more of these little disappointed looks we get, the more what's to come feels right (which is why paying attention makes this episode richer). As for why she's disenchanted, I'm there with her.

    I think this is the most obnoxious Rainbow gets for this episode. The comedy comes from the fact that she's complaining over nothing, but personally, I'd rather see her quietly being a grump than laying claim to the concept of bleachers and snacks.

    Although my preferences aside, this is what I meant when I said it depends how Rainbow's egotism is utilized. This has to be one of the only times we've seen Scootaloo put off by Rainbow's ego, which is a clear indicator of her switching who she idolizes, and it starts because Rainbow isn't giving the thing Scootaloo likes a chance. 

    In other episodes, where the only point is isn't it funny that Rainbow's being a self-centered jerk (and don't get me wrong, I love me some egotistic characters), that's when it starts to feel more like season 2 Dash. Episodes like this where there's a point to it and/or it's mixed in with a more mature characterization of Rainbow are where Dash starts to shine.

    Just... not in the moments when she's being Jerkass Dash.

    Lyra isn't too impressed with her, either. Between Dash and Pinkie, it seems like Lyra and Bonbon's background dates can't catch a break this season.

    Reminds of Luna Eclipsed. You think Zecora helped them out with their special effects?

    They just released a green gas and directly afterward started in with the pyrotechnics... yeah, this is definitely a reckless bunch. Hope they bothered to check if it was flammable gas, at least.

    We might not get mention of Scootaloo's aunts in this episode (more on that later), but here we have the first non-subtext-driven LGBT+ pony!

    Not necessarily the one who fainted. Although she's a fan, I can understand the argument that she might not know who's under the mask. But Rolling Thunder definitely knows that's a mare she's winking to.

    Their suits may be fire and electricity proof, but their wings aren't. I'm surprised they haven't burned their feathers clean off yet.

    Doesn't take us too long into the episode to get to the Rainbow Dash I love. As ego-driven as our girl is, she's passionate and loves other cool stuff almost as much if not more than herself. The fangirl in Dash is probably one of her most endearing qualities.

    I've played enough Super Mario Bros to know you timed that wrong, LD.

    I love Scootaloo's satisfaction in showing Dashie what she loves is pretty cool, especially with what's to come later. Rainbow's opinion still matters to her quite a bit (and I don't think that ever changes in this episode) even when she's hyping up somepony else.

    Big Mac and Sugar Belle went to see the show! How cute. They're still going strong.

    And now we get to a running theme that really demonstrates why Scootaloo ever looked up to Rainbow Dash in the first place.

    Scootaloo, more so than Applebloom, more so than Sweetie Belle, isn't a fearless kid. She's easily scared of a lot of things. Not to the point that her fraidy-cat-ism an obnoxious, obvious trait you'd immediately identify about her character, but she's frequently a more sensitive kid than you might assume.

    So it really starts to make sense why she would look up to Rainbow Dash.

    The obvious reason, the one I've always thought of, is because Dash is a good flyer and Scootaloo isn't. But it's just as important to why Scootaloo idolizes Rainbow that Dash is fearless. Bold. Daring.

    All things Scootaloo admires because she can talk big like any kid but when the pressure's on (like at a campout in the woods, or asking her heroes for an autograph), Scootaloo herself is more prone to fear, nerves, and a bit of self-doubt.

    Not always. She can do stunts on her scooter or sling herself into the sky, but what kid is always afraid of everything? 

    There's also a really good demonstration of why Rainbow Dash is a good mentor, a callback to Sleepless in Ponyville more than anything. As oblivious as she can be, Rainbow genuinely tries to take Scootaloo's feelings into consideration, and never once makes her feel less awesome for it.

    But anyway, back to the real analysis, #ScootaWatch2018.

    This moment here is a funny gag, because Scootaloo really doesn't notice Dash in the slightest, but it's also fabulous as a signal to the audience that Scootaloo is going through an entirely different emotional arc through this scene than Dash.

    Like I said, watch the Scoot.

    I love how offended Rainbow is that they're not impressed that she's a Wonderbolt. Like how dare you, I spent so many seasons on that arc.

    Scootaloo vibrates after they say "join the club."  I adore that that counts as foreshadowing.

    Meet Rolling Thunder, in earnest.

    Australian accent? Disregard for rules? I blame her for the early Australian airings this season. 

    And this is Short Fuse. He might look familiar.

    A number of fans have pointed this one out already, but it's worth saying again because it's a really neat detail.

    He's also got anger issues to spare. I think he and Sunset Shimmer might benefit from a little Anger Management...

    Although, I've gotta say, the temper and the Aussie accent make them easy to remember for side-characters, and you've gotta love it when an episode doesn't just throw in any forgettable nobody to pad out the run time.

    If you didn't catch the tail before, this is you last chance!

    ... You know, in-episode this is actually a really awesome animation, but I managed to catch the least cool frame of that whole hair flip. Whoops.

    And, she's back, folks!

    Lightning Dust is one of the only early seasons antagonists who hasn't gotten a return appearance until now, but she's been one of the more demanded. Something about where her character left off left us wondering where she'd go from there, and this is probably one of the more satisfying directions they could've taken her.

    Well, debatably. Depends how you see her characterization in this episode so let's keep going.

    Oh how long we've waited for this frame. Almost 5 whole seasons/years, which is crazy to think about...

    The golden rule of life: everything's better with a little Scootaloo.

    I hate to be That Followup Writer, but this is a continuity error and a plot contrivance.

    In Parental Glideance, Scootaloo uses Lightning Dust's name and picture when telling Rainbow Dash's parents what happened at the Wonderbolt Academy. So she definitely knows Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust know each other. 

    Scootaloo's looking to LD for approval here as she backtracks, not RD. Details.
    But see, the reason Nick Confalone wrote it this way is because if Scootaloo knew who Lightning Dust was (which she does, don't let those eyes fool you), it would be harder to convince fans she's reasonable in looking up to her. 

    ... But, you know, if this was a conscious choice on Confalone's part, I'd argue he didn't have to erase Scootaloo's memory for this to work. She only knows it's Lightning Dust leading the team in the scene, with the helmet reveal, so this would be the first time Scootaloo has to question Lightning Dust.

    But even within this scene, Lightning Dust admits she was in the wrong and appears to have learned from her mistakes, so it's easy to see why Scootaloo could forgive so quickly. 

    And why Rainbow still hasn't.

    Putting Rainbow's friends in danger isn't something she's going to get over just like that, even if the perpetrator "learned their lesson."

    It adds yet another layer onto why this shot is heartbreaking.

    Bonus points to the animators for giving LD an autograph stamp on the bottom of her hoof.

    And bonus points to Scootaloo for being so adorable because she deserves some, doesn't she?

    It's cool to see the remnants of their friendship still intact. They're definitely more rivals now, but that doesn't mean they can't throw in some playful banter or genuinely respect each other in some aspects. Makes for a more believable relationship.

    And a more complex characterization for Lightning Dust. She's forgiven Rainbow, for the most part, even if she likes getting under her skin and competing against her. She's less a full-on rival as she screams at the end of the episode and more of a frienemy.

    Oof. This hurts.

    The visual of Lightning Dust taking Scootaloo under her wing instead of Rainbow Dash, a callback to Sleepless in Ponyville.

    Compare that to the worried Rainbow trying to pull Scoots back under her protection. There's a lot of smart body language and staging in this scene.

    For example, when Rainbow Dash starts championing the Wonderbolts as the best of the best, she flies a bit away, so by perspective, Scootaloo looks closer to Lightning Dust.

    And for our #ScootaWatch viewers, you'll see Scootaloo's utter heartbreak in the background of Rainbow and Lightning Dust talking.

    I should've gifed this, but no time, so just trust me that they do something really cool here.

    Lightning Dust comes forward and when she's finished saying the Washouts mean anypony can be amazing, her hoof goes up to cover the change in Scootaloo's expression.

    The movement in Scootaloo changing from down on herself to hopeful would've caught any viewers eye, but to mask it, they basically only give you a before and after. This is so the subplot that reveals the true reason Scootaloo likes the Washouts is hidden until it comes to a head. 

    So instead, all we see is Scootaloo looking up to Lightning Dust here.

    Instead of what this shot really is: Scootaloo close to tears because a pony she looks up to thinks she could be great, too.

    And so, the Edge begins.

    As does Rainbow's pseudo-parental role for this episode, which we'll talk more about later.

    For now, enjoy how often Rainbow scoops Scootaloo up in this episode. She's still little enough to scoop.

    Imagine telling anyone prior to this episode that we'd see Scoota "I Changed My Middle Name to Rainbow Dash" loo roll her eyes at something Rainbow Dash said. 

    The natural escalation of this episode made it pretty seamless, but also WOW. Scootaloo's a teenager.

    It definitely makes sense. Not too long ago, we had a Sweetie Belle episode entirely devoted to the fact that Sweetie Belle isn't a little filly anymore, and Applebloom's grown up enough to hear more about her family history in The Perfect Pear

    (If you'll allow me to gush: the CMC are some of the most organically aged child characters I've seen. Their maturity always seems like it came from their growth, and every time we check back with them they get a little more so without straying too far from who they are as characters.)

    This is why I tend to reject the idea that the show has only taken place in a short amount of time. It's been going on for at least multiple years, and even if the crusaders haven't aged physically (aside from their cutie marks), they're mature enough to be at least preteens by now if not full on young teenagers (even in Cheerliee's class, they're starting to learn physics if I remember correctly). 

    ... This might be another reason I like the episode more than others, come to think of it. I view Scootaloo as a preteen to teenager. Ergo, someone who is old enough to start making their own decisions (but still be protected when it comes to their safety).

    If you still think of Scootaloo as a child (which you have every right to do), you might be harsher on all the adults, from Twilight to Rainbow to Lightning Dust. But I'm getting ahead of myself again.

    I'm sorry, screenshots can't do this justice. You need to go listen to Kelly Metzger blow her vocal chords out of her throat to truly appreciate this scene. 

    I'm told it's a parody/reference to an SNL skit, but the video's not available in my region so I don't know of what. 

    Presented without comment.

    "Stunt some tricks" is glorious. All of this is glorious.

    The eyes of a mare who has absolutely been in a full body wing and hoof cast drinking through a straw.

    I always wondered what changed from seasons 1 and 2 Spitfire. Now I guess I know. That cast changes a mare...

    This definitely counts as Spitfire's tragic backstory.


    If every drill sergeant could incorporate the phrase "whoop-de-doodle-doo" into their intimidating shouting speeches I think the world would be a much better place.

    That expression on Scootaloo's face is the perfect combination of fear, disorientation, and I'm leaving my body.

    RD: "You killed her!"
    SF: "I kill children for breakfast."

    I could've done with more of this, actually.

    By which I mean, more set-up that Scootaloo has mixed feelings on the Wonderbolts since she can't really fly. She's never been a fan of the Wonderbolts. She's been a fan of Rainbow Dash, and thought the Bolts were awesome because Dash did—but even beyond that Scootaloo's feeling a huge pressure to join someday.

    Like I said earlier, I can appreciate why Confalone set up the episode the way he did, especially because of the bookend fanclub scenes, but instead of, say, that bleachers and snacks gag, why not incorporate the Wonderbolts part of it more at the start?

    Rainbow giving Scootaloo this hat, or even better, Rainbow's old wing-pony badge from Wonderbolts Academy (because she did get two, one silver one gold) to Scootaloo. She might not think Scootaloo is going to join the team, just that she'll be 'awesome like her'—which to Scootaloo seems like it necessarily means joining a flight group.

    The idea that Rainbow's placed unrealistic expectations on Scootaloo in this episode isn't true, and was never meant to be. It would feel wrong if she expected her to be a Wonderbolt because she knows Scootaloo has trouble flying. But I think the episode could've benefited from setting up Rainbow's half of the moral just a bit better, but maybe that's just me.

    I love how done Scootaloo is here. Already, the ScootaWatch is paying off.

    Escalating Edge is escalating.

    "You're not my mom!"
    I don't think I've ever seen Scootaloo that made at anyone. She really is an angsty teen.

    To be fair, though, Rainbow Dash isn't her mom.

    A nice touch is that when Rainbow goes inside the clubhouse, Scootaloo's more sad than she is pissed. 

    She's not just being an angsty teenage nightmare, she's an emotional mess. Which means she's definitely a teenager.

    Rainbow's idea of humility is a framed photo of herself.

    ... Sounds about right.

    Okay, I'd be mad, too, if I were Scootaloo.

    Rainbow seems to think she had her consent to throw out all that stuff, but she really didn't and I kind of wish Rainbow gave Scootaloo a crumpled poster back or something when she's admitting she has to let Scootaloo make her own choices.

    Or at least buy her a new one, jeez Dash.

    Twilight, have you no shame?

    A reminder, though: she doesn't know yet that Lightning Dust is the leader of the group.

    Rainbow refers to Scootaloo as "Scoot" instead of "Scoots." I think that's intentional. It shows you Rainbow sees her as a little more grown up.
    And finally some, pay-off.

    Twilight's running gag is implied to be caused by her friendship to Rainbow Dash. At least, that's what I got out of it. I think she's learned to appreciate that kind of thing more pretty much solely as a result of hanging out with a daredevil.

    Well, that, and doing some death-defying of her own as she saved Equestria countless times, but that's less fun for her. 

    It's a cute sentiment that ties up the last of the Rainbow's ego part of this story. Rainbow's loved having a number one fan and a little to look up to her.

    ... But she's loved who her number one fan and little sister is even more. Above all else, she cares about Scootaloo, and that's a pretty satisfying thing to see. 

    "ARGH! This LT sandwich is missing something!"

    Lightning Dust refers to Scootaloo as "the pony that used to look up to you" which implies her including Scootaloo in the team is partly out of spite for Rainbow Dash. 

    She's never been totally evil, but she's not above getting back at an old rival just for kicks.

    But I think the point here is that Lightning Dust treats Scootaloo like an adult and Rainbow's treating her like a child. Lightning Dust assumes Scootaloo can make her own decisions and take care of herself. That she knows what she's getting into (... I can imagine LD wouldn't be a very caring friend regardless of age).

    That's why I said viewing Scootaloo as at least a preteen makes this episode make more sense. It doesn't make LD not a jerk—she's always been a bit of a jerk—but it does explain where she's coming from besides moustache twirling and child endangerment.

    Moving on, this is where I start remembering an old episode of The Simpsons called Bart the Daredevil.

    For those who haven't seen it, Bart starts to get interested in being a daredevil after seeing a show of death-defying stunts with his family. He starts performing more and more dangerous stunts on his skateboard until he eventually decides to jump the Springfield Gorge. 

    "I've tried punishing you, I've tried bribing you, I've even tried reasoning with you."
    Upon finding out, Bart's parents exhausted their options, but it's true that they can't watch him every second of every day. So Homer tried to get Bart to promise not to jump the gorge, and he did...

    ... Bart broke that promise pretty quickly, but it at least you see Homer trying to stop him from risking his life.

    In Washouts, Rainbow makes a similar plea, except she knows Scootaloo's going to do it. So instead of doing what Homer does in that episode's climax, tell Bart he was going to do the stunt himself to make him see what it's like to worry about someone doing something stupid—Dash lets her make her own decision. Theoretically.

    I think from the minute Rainbow told her that, she knew she'd be waiting to swoop in and save Scoots if things went south. So again, this episode makes the most sense if you see Scootaloo as the young adult she's growing up to be—where choice and respect are important things to give your kid (to a point).

    At least, that covers Rainbow, we'll get to Twilight and the others.

    But back to the episode as is.

    There it is. She can't fly.

    After years of saying maybe she might, Scootaloo's finally accepted she won't. You could argue she started to accept that a long time ago, but this episode is her fully coming to terms with her disability.

    Cute easter egg: This is the pose Scootaloo made a lot of the time with the Crusaders if I'm not mistaken. 

    And she makes that pose when she says she can still do great things. Nice.

    LD: "She's my little sister now."
    SL: "Yeah!"
    LD: "Now I get to endanger and enslave her."
    SL: "Yeah!"

    Now Twilight's wishing she didn't buy so many posters. I hate to break it to you, Twilight, but I doubt there's a return policy on those.

    Okay, so, this line here, about not knowing where Rainbow Dash is, puts the Twilight and company in questionable territory more than anything else.

    They're there to support Scootaloo, which you know, would be fine if Scootaloo wasn't about to do something really dangerous and potentially life-threatening. No, they can't control her without detaining her, they really aren't her guardians, but still no sign of concern is a little weird.

    All of this could be hand-waved if they knew Rainbow Dash was waiting around to save Scootaloo if things went south—they could support her and know her safety wasn't on the line. But as is, they don't come off too well here.

    Smolder showed up for this one. Smolderoo and Scootaloo gotta stick together (even if they've never met).

    Last time I'll talk about this: even if they had only started getting concerned now, when they hear that Scootaloo's the one performing such an intense stunt on her first ride—that would've been fine, and it wouldn't have intruded on Rainbow's role at all. 

    At least some showing some concern, even if they don't act (which knowing them, they would), is a start.

    At least Scootaloo's starting to see what she's in for.

    I know that feeling. Ask me about the time I didn't know I was in line for an extreme drop-tower-style water slide where the floor literally drops out from under you. I know this all too well.

    The difference between Rainbow and Lightning, everybody.

    Scootaloo tells literally you later on, so I won't belabour the point here, but I will say again how cute it is to see Scootaloo afraid and emotional. She may be a rebellious angsty teen but she's still herself.

    They're reacting to the rocket hitting the rope and flying off further than it should, by the way. If it wasn't clear, the stunt went wrong, so no one's exactly mad when Rainbow swoops in and takes their stunt-pony away.

    Does this count as a callback to Sleepless in Ponyville? I think it does.


    All she wanted, all any teenager wants really, is a little respect. That doesn't mean you can't help or guide them, but give them enough respect and independence to be their own person and you might be surprised how loving a teenager can still be.

    You can watch the rope keep going before Lightning lands in it. Nice detail.

    Reverse shot from when Scoot was with LD earlier. Noice.

    I wonder if she saw Team Rocket up there.

    This double-sided lesson is a good one for parents and kids alike. And I gotta say, I really like structuring a moral this way, so kids can see adults aren't infallible. They make mistakes too and kids deserve apologies when warranted.

    And Rainbow's not typically in the parental role, but she absolutely is in this one. Subbing in for the parents which—after this episode where they should be around to parent their child—are pretty much confirmed to be somewhat neglectful.

    Some might even say all this dangerous rebelling wouldn't have happened if she had parents who were around more for her. They should've grounded her. They should've listened to her. The fact is they should be there, but most of the time they're not.

    But, don't be too sad. Scootaloo has a lot of great substitutes. Rainbow's parents, Scootaloo's aunts (who, I'll admit, I was hoping to see at some point but that's because I think this episode could've made for a natural introduction), and her honorary big sister, who'll apparently turn parental on her if need be. 

    Things aren't so bad for Scootaloo.

    Bonus points because this hug is opposite of the wing-hug Rainbow gave Scootaloo in Sleepless (which I must sound like I'm obsessed with by now).

    Here's what really gets me.

    This episode pretty well completes Scootaloo's arc—if they don't have time for another Scootaloo episode next season, personally, I'll be satisfied here. Not only did she accept herself for who she is, acquire her cutie mark, and earn her idol's sisterhood, the one defining trait about Scootaloo from when we first met her was that she was Rainbow Dash's number one fan...

    And now Rainbow Dash is Scootaloo's number one fan. I'm not crying, those are raindrops from my eyes.

    What I tell you? Bo and Windy are there for Scootaloo, too. They'd probably adopt her if she didn't already have (somewhat neglectful) parents.

    And that about wraps it up for me. Here's the voice credits for the new characters and old.

    Overall, I'd say a solid episode. I'd still take Parental Glideance above this one as the gold standard for Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo episodes, but this one's pretty close. I can certainly understand why it's not a favourite for everyone, but I hope you can see why it was a cool entry for me.

    Speaking of, let's have a little fun:

    Of all the episodes you could say are part of Scootaloo's overall character arc (Call of the Cutie, Sleepless in Ponyville, Flight to the Finish, Crusaders of the Last Mark, Parental Glideance, Surf and/or Turf*, and The Washouts), how would you rank them? Why?

    Or, what would you say counts as part of her character arc? *I included Surf and/or Turf because the episode has Scootaloo feel like she's flying for a good portion of it and that clouds her judgement. So debatable choice, but I stand by it. 

    And regardless of the dividing nature of this episode, I standby my feelings on that, too. This one is bound to generate more debate, so tell me what you thought down in the comments.