• Bonus Music #149

    Bonus music arrives once again, and we've got a bunch of seriously cool tunes to check out! Plenty of vocal tracks, a show remix, some heavy metal and a sprinkle of wubs all add up to what's in store here today. Check it out below!

    [1] Source
    Riovelk - Apples to the Core (Eurograss Mix)
    Vocal - Eurobeat

    [2] Source
    Reverbrony & Thrasher - Beyond Purpose
    Instrumental - Metal/Electronic

    [3] Source
    Equestria Electric Symphony Orchestra - Thousand Pieces (Tusen Bitar)
    Vocal - Pop

    [4] Source
    DiZ Inmotion - Don't Let The Sun Set 
    Vocal - Hip Hop/Rap

    [5] Source
    Repent In Reprise - Steampunk U
    Instrumental - Steampunk Orchestral

    [6] Source
    Light Assassin - You mad
    Instrumental - Complextro

    [7] Source
    Brilliant Venture Vs. Daniel Ingram & Skrillex - Find Voltage (Brilliant Venture DJ Tool Edit) 
    Vocal - Dubstep

    [8] Source
    StableTwoStallion - Beautiful Eyes | Rainbow Factory Inc. 
    Vocal - Industrial Electro Metal

    [9] Source
    DiZ Inmotion - Bad Girl
    Vocal - Hip Hop/Rap


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