• Adorable Style and The Best Bat! - White Dreams Artist Interview / Spotlight


    As if I wasn't going to bug the owner of the greatest bat pony ever for our spotlight series! There may or may not be a lot of Sweet Velvet postings here on EQD~

    But she's way more than just Velvet! White Dreams has been uploading pones to Deviant Art since the early days, with thousands of drawings under her belt at this point. People around the fandom have hit her up to draw their OC's. Her gallery is absolutely overflowing with them. At $25 for a really good flat color, it's hard to resist!

    How does she manage to pull off all this art? Time for an interview! Head on down below for that and a gallery of some of her great pieces!


    Q:) How did you stumble upon My Little Pony? What was your "origin" story if you will?

    Well, I started like 6 or 7 years ago, one of my ex-boyfriends showed me the show, I remember the fist episode I saw was party of one and I liked it, and here I am 7 years later :)

    Q:) What is the process you usually go through when drawing something new? What tools and programs do you use?

    Depend of my mood and what I like to show, since in the past I roleplayed a lot with a friend and I have a great imagination or simply pass through things that happen to me in my daily life. I use paint tool sai and photoshop to do my art.

    Q:) Do you draw professionally? Or is this a side thing to another career or job?

    I draw Professionally.

    Q: ) Who is your favorite pony and favorite princess? And if it's different, who is your favorite pony to draw?

    My favorite pony is Fluttershy and My favorite princess is Luna but for some reason I love to draw Celestia and Rarity, maybe I like the designs a lot.

    Q:) What kind of challenges do you usually run into when drawing a character or subject for the first time? Has there ever been an image concept that completely stumped you?

    Humans, is a very very difficult, and in the present is a challenge for me, and sometimes the background is a challenge for the smallest details.

    Q:) What made you adopt Sweet Velvet originally? What do you like best about her? How do you feel about her sudden rise in popularity with people drawing fan art and crafting figures/plushies of her?

    Well since I fell in love with her, her colors and her socks, I’ve never see other ponies with socks xD, and since I love one of my characters helps others to make plushies and craftings, and since I never imagine my little velvet would become so popular I just draw her and make simple concepts, but in the present I never think about a history, background or something more about her, maybe it’s because my English is the first barrier… but I’ll work so hard on her and make a small history about her cutie mark, her likes, and dislikes :)

    Q:) And on that note, Are there any other OC’s you own that you want people to notice?

    SinceI don’t want to force other people to follow my other characters, I just draw new oc’s when I feel bad or my life changes.

    Q:) You have one of the biggest pony galleries on Deviant Art. How do you find the motivation to draw so many ponies?

    I talk with a lot of professional people, and the advice all of them give me is to keep drawing, and the other motivation is my family I want they know about my job and my desire to keep going, and grow up.

    Q:) Socks, sweaters, silly hats, swimwear, full body armor, ponies have worn it all. What is your favorite accessory to draw ponies in?

    Socks and Sweaters :3

    Q:) What do you like most about Friendship is Magic? What keeps you drawing so many awesome ponies?

    The characters. I love how people can make awesome characters and how this fandom grows!

    Q:) Do you have any tips for newbie artists looking to improve?

    Yeah, check out DANMAKUMAN, hikariviny and Exceru-Karina

    Q:) Why do you think My little Pony Generation 4 has been so successful? What keeps you here involved in the community?

    The friends I have, while there are people who still love MLP I’ll still be drawing it :)


    [1] Source

    Luna Xmas by xWhiteDreamsx

    [2] Source

    Sweet Moon by xWhiteDreamsx

    [3] Source

    Celestia by xWhiteDreamsx

    [5] Source

    Unicorn Frappuccino by xWhiteDreamsx

    [6] Source

    Bad Dreams (short history) by xWhiteDreamsx

    [7] Source

    Painting Comission By Whitedreams by xWhiteDreamsx

    [8] Source

    Velvet Happy New Year by xWhiteDreamsx

    [9] Source

    relax by xWhiteDreamsx

    [10] Source

    Pound by xWhiteDreamsx

    [11] Source

    Fly by xWhiteDreamsx

    [12] Source

    playing Pokemon by xWhiteDreamsx

    Find more art in their Deviant Art Gallery over here
    If you are interested in commissioning White Dreams, hit up this page!