• 50 Awesome Fanfics to Read for Sunset Shimmer Day!

    It's early here. Someone woke Sunset up talking about this day thing that's going on in her name and she's not much of a morning pony.

    Luckily we've got some fanfics she can read in bed about her. All of which were not in last year's Sunset Day post. 

    Anyway, time to read! Get them all below.

    Slice of Life

    The Kind Regard of Quiet Things 
    by Novel-Idea

    In the middle of the night, sometimes waking up to a whimper is worse than waking up to a scream.

    A White Hearth's Warming 
    by Chris

    A young Sunset Shimmer, spending her first Hearth’s Warming in Canterlot as Princess Celestia’s personal student, comes to the terrible realization that there’s not going to be any snow for the holiday.

    She decides to do something about it.

    by Summer Dancer

    When trying to focus on her studies, Sunset Shimmer is stuck watching an annoying little filly who just won't let her study.

    Sweet Dreams, Sunnybun
    by shortskirtsandexplosions

    Not long after the girls saved Camp Everfree and embraced their newfound magical abilities, Sunset Shimmer starts acting strangely. She jumps every time her friends get even remotely close to her and she keeps everyone at a distance. This is especially worrying to Twilight Sparkle, who seeks how to make her best friend feel better.

    The Talk
    by Conner Cogwork

    A month or so after the Battle of the Bands, Principal Celestia calls Sunset Shimmer and friends to her office, for a long-overdue discussion.

    by Glimmerglaze

    When Twilight went back home, she left Sunset Shimmer to the care of her friends. Thirty moons later, she returns to Equestria, seeking judgment for her crimes from her former mentor, hoping that some form of punishment - a stint in the royal dungeons, perhaps - will help her come to terms with the past. If only it were that easy.

    Can a rift like the one that has grown between Sunset Shimmer and Princess Celestia even be closed at all?

    A story of past mistakes, resentment, the possibility of forgiveness, and hope.

    How Sunset Rose
    by Oroboro

    Sunset Shimmer knew she was better than the other ponies around her, even if she didn't have her cutie mark yet. She had to be.

    She just needed to find a way to prove it.

    The Application of Unified Harmony Magics
    by Novel-Idea

    In an Equestria where the Sonic Rainboom never happened, Sunset Shimmer is the prized pupil of the Princess of the Sun. As Sunset struggles to make up for her past misdeeds and come to terms with the pony she wants to be, Celestia sends her to find the classic work ‘Applications of Unified Harmony Magic’ from the Royal Canterlot Archives.

    Right after lunch, some meddling by her friends and meeting somepony with firsthoof experience of the Sunset she used to be.

    Asking A Favor
    by Tinybit92

    Sunset's favorite jacket is looking pretty beaten up after that whole rainbow laser explosion, and she doesn't know the first thing about fixing leather. Obviously she knows someone who could help her, someone who's already agreed to be her friend. But after everything she's done, she doesn't really think she's in a position to be asking favors. She hasn't earned anyone's friendship yet, and she certainly doesn't deserve anyone's help. Still, she's got no other options. So she'll just have to swallow her pride and beg Rarity to take some pity on her.

    Rarity certainly has her work cut out explaining to her how friendship works.

    by RadiantBeam

    It had seemed like a good idea at the time, until Sunset actually read what Twilight wrote in her letter. She'd already said yes to seeing Celestia again, and she wouldn't go back on her word. As long as she remained convinced that this was a good idea and that it would all end well, she could get through it without a problem.

    Worn Leather
    by Holy

    Sunset has had the same jacket ever since she came to Canterlot High. Rarity and the girls want to treat her to some new clothes, but some things are too important to be replaced.

    Grading on a Bell Curve
    by Novel-Idea

    Sunset hates dealing with chaos surges, no matter how amusing Moon Dancer finds them. After a particularly annoying surge while tutoring Moon Dancer in her advanced telekinetic studies, Sunset takes refuge in the teacher’s lounge. Though she was only looking for a cup of scalding hot tea, Sunset finds a pony walking down the same path she once walked, giving her an opportunity she’s never had before…

    To help somepony not out of guilt, but just because it’s the right thing to do.

    Being Honest With Yourself
    by Tinybit92

    Sunset Shimmer has an interesting encounter with this world's version of a horse when she goes to help Applejack on the farm. This leads into a conversation that gets a bit more introspective than Sunset was probably hoping for when she came over that day. Sometimes you just need to hear the right advice from a friend though, and Applejack is plenty happy to oblige.

    Sunset Serves Sushi
    by PoisonClaw

    Ever wondered what Sunset does for a job? Mechanic, maybe? Computer analyst, perhaps? How about a waitress at a sushi bar?

    Wait... what was that last one?

    The Last Day of Christmas
    by Deathscar

    The last day of school has all but come and gone. Rainbow and the others have left to prepare the holidays with their families, leaving Sunset all by herself. Ready to spend another Christmas alone, Sunset exits CHS only to be greeted by a familiar face. Someone that comes bearing a gift Sunset never thought she'd receive.

    In fact, it might just be the most important gift of Sunset's life.

    On Princesses
    by Between Lines

    Sunset and Celestia have a conversation.

    In The Gloaming
    by DMDash71

    Sunset Shimmer has had a long day. Intending to relax and blow off some steam, she has an eventful encounter with a recent diary entry from somepony she didn't expect.

    by Pastel Pony

    With the defeat of the sirens and her subsequent acceptance at school, Sunset Shimmer had thought her life had made a turn for the better.

    She thought it would be easy to simply forget the Dazzlings.

    However, a run-in with Sonata Dusk brings in another perspective on the whole Battle of the Bands episode, one Sunset had never really stopped to contemplate.

    After all, it takes one monster to understand another...


    Night-Light of Friendship
    by Wayward Sun

    Sunset Shimmer: Ex-Queen bee of CHS. Ex-She-demon. Ex-villain. Overall bad-ass.

    However, as the hair 5 are learning, Sunset isn't all she may seem to be. This confident girl may just have a secret or two that she doesn't want out.

    You're Washing Your Hair with WHAT!?
    by keroko

    Sunset Shimmer is a pony, so she likes pony things. Granted, a nice hayburger isn't exactly easy to come by in the human world, but that shouldn't stop her from using the products she's used to from Equestria, right?

    Well, her humans friends might disagree, as Rarity does when finds a rather odd bottle of shampoo in Sunset's bathroom.

    What We Were Is Not Who We Are
    by Tinybit92

    Just days after the Friendship Games, Sunset Shimmer finds their world's Twilight Sparkle staring at what's left of the Wondercolt statue. The two then have a conversation about what it means to have been a monster, what it will take to move on from it, and what it all means for who they are.

    One Last Regret
    by PoisonClaw

    Sunset sits alone in a coffee shop, nervously awaiting her friends' arrival. Despite everything they've been through in the last few months, she can't help but feel like she was making a huge mistake. For what she was about to tell them could make or break their friendship.

    The Night Sunset Shimmer Tried to Kill Santa Claus
    by Majin Syeekoh

    Sunset Shimmer encounters Santa Claus in Pinkie's living room and they have a short chat.

    Shine Your Way 
    by RadiantBeam

    After the Battle of the Bands, Sunset Shimmer struggles to find middle ground between the person she wants to be and the person others at school expect her to be. Thankfully, Twilight Sparkle is a good listener and has enough patience for the both of them.

    Moral Code
    by TooShyShy

    Now in her late forties, Sunset Shimmer has built herself a career as a doctor. She has devoted her life to helping others, be it by prescribing pain killers or simply bandaging a scraped knee. A part of her longs to return to Equestria, but she is mostly happy with her new life. However, one day three very familiar girls drop by her office, one of them injured. Old memories flood back as Sunset is shown an unexpected harsh reality related to her high school life.


    Habits of the Equestrian Phoenix
    by Novel-Idea

    Sunset's looking forward to a relaxing afternoon in the West Gardens.

    Philomena has other plans.

    Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns
    by Novel-Idea

    Twilight’s got her nose stuck in a book. Sunset wants to go see the rest of their friends.

    Things snowball from there.

    by Summer Dancer

    Sunset Shimmer is well respected, and has gained a lot of trust over the past year. So when Princess Twilight entrusted her with watching over her one and only niece, she was thrilled.

    But one slip of the tongue around the toddler could break that trust.

    Love Twiangles
    by Oroboro

    "My name is Sunset Shimmer, and there are two Twilight Sparkles who are both madly in love with me.

    Please help."

    Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer Are Dead
    by Oroboro

    Two magical prodigies cast in Twilight's shadow stumble about in somepony else's story and try to find meaning in their lives.

    An affectionate parody of Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

    Which is in itself an absurdist and existentialist parody of Hamlet.

    Tears and Tootsie Rolls
    by Dubs Rewatcher

    Ever since she was a filly, Nightmare Night has been Sunset Shimmer's favorite holiday. After all, who doesn't love dressing up and getting free candy?

    When Twilight reveals that she's never gone trick-or-treating, Sunset decides that she needs to prove once and for all how absolutely amazing the holiday can be—even if it means she has to drag Twilight along kicking and screaming.

    Bad Decisions Make Better Stories
    by Sporktacles 

    It turns out that Sunset Shimmer's final letters to Princess Celestia before her exile were not filled with resentment or remorse.

    There might have been a lot more frantic running away involved.

    But whatever the case, it was definitely not Sunset's fault.

    At all.

    by Summer Dancer

    Sunburst might be a grown stallion, but that doesn't keep an overprotective sister like Sunset Shimmer from smacking a filly.

    Terms of Forgiveness
    by Fylifa

    With the memory stone crisis behind her, it's time for Sunset to deal with an even bigger challenge:

    A caring Princess Celestia interested in seeing how Sunset lives on Earth.

    Sunset Shimmy
    by shortskirtsandexplosions

    Are there times you've ever wondered, "Jee, why did the girls at Canterlot High forgive Sunset Shimmer for her evil succubus meddling so easily?"

    The answer's simple: "Because, deep down, she's a pretty pretty pony, you stupid melon fudges!"

    Wait... Horses Can't Vomit?
    by PoisonClaw

    While hanging out with her friends, Sunset Shimmer learns that earth horses apparently can't vomit.

    As a magical talking pony, this discovery utterly baffles her.


    by shallow15

    Sunset Shimmer has been attacked and lies comatose in the hospital. All evidence points to someone who has access to magic. Led by Rarity, the rest of Sunset's friends begin to search for who did it and why.

    But the answers may not give them the comfort they seek. And unknown to them, Sunset is having struggles of her own.

    Unworthy of the Sun
    by Impossible Numbers

    This is a world in which Gods rule their cities. Magic is a divine manifestation of nature's power. Demons – both figurative and real – lurk in the shadows.

    Sunset Shimmer – unparalleled thief, master of the arts, and a magical prodigy – worships the brightest and the warmest of all Gods. More than worships, in fact: six years, all born from one strange and terrifying encounter, have fuelled a fire in her heart that will never die.

    If only the same could be said about her. For surely, mortals and Gods were never meant to fall in love.

    by shortskirtsandexplosions

    Sunset Shimmer's experiencing a night of living hell. Thankfully, Twilight Sparkle shows up and lends a comforting shoulder to lean on.

    Going Home
    by GrassAndClouds2

    A few hours after saving the Friendship Games, Sunset Shimmer and her good friend Twilight Sparkle are relaxing on the CHS lawn. The two are so close that Sunset finally feels like she can ask a question that's been on her mind for a while. "Can I go home?"

    Made For Another World
    by Spark Plug

    When the girls discovered magic at Camp Everfree, Sunset Shimmer was the first to embrace it. But now, the little bit of magic she got is just reminding her of how much she's lost. And as people get more and more desperate, you can never tell when they're going to do something incredibly stupid.

    A Taste of Meat
    by InsertAuthorHere

    One day, Rainbow Dash notices something about Sunset Shimmer: she only eats salads, fruit, and non-meat products. So she decides to dare the former pony to try a meat product the next day at lunch. Little do they know what's on the menu that day...


    Stars and Sunlight
    by Hawksyu

    The tricky thing about love is that it strikes without warning and often makes you fall for someone you can't have. For some, this means someone way out of their league. For others, this means falling for someone who is secretly a pony from another world. Good thing people always act rationally and openly express their feelings, right?

    Looking for Trouble
    by CoffeeMinion

    Ten years after the Friendship Games ended in disaster, Sunset Shimmer’s self-imposed vigil over Canterlot keeps its survivors relatively safe. But one day a stranger comes to town looking to unearth a secret that Sunset had buried in the past...

    Losing Sunlight
    by MarvelandPonder

    When Princess Celestia comes down with a mysterious illness despite her immortality, her loved ones flock to her side, including Sunset Shimmer. With only so much time left, Sunset takes it upon herself and Twilight to get to the bottom of it. The two of them work together non-stop to find a cure, which would be fine, if Sunset had gotten around to telling any of them she's dating the other world's Twilight.

    Love and Lust on Christmas Eve
    by DrakeyC

    Ever since they decided to give dating another shot, Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry have been doing well together. But Christmas Eve is here and with a night together looming, Sunset is facing some hesitations regarding the physical aspect of their relationship. She turns to her friends for help, but maybe the answer is one that only she can provide.

    Rule of Three
    by RadiantBeam

    The first time it happened, Sunset didn’t pay it any mind due to the circumstances. The second time it happened, she noticed it and brushed it off as the action of a concerned friend. The third time it happened, she finally figured out that Rarity was flirting with her.

    Morning Light
    by RadiantBeam

    It's morning in the human world, and Sunset wants to show Twilight something before the sun comes up.


    I Don't Need Magic
    by Undome Tinwe

    Professor Twilight Sparkle has spent her adult life trying to forget the follies of her youth, and the fiery sorceress whose betrayal shattered her heart.

    Sunset Shimmer has built an empire of steel and science in memory of the otherworldly power she once wielded, and of the soft-spoken scientist she once called "friend."

    Now, fifteen years after the disaster which tore their bonds asunder, a new threat will force these two former friends to reunite in order to save both worlds. And as the past collides with the present, Sunset and Twilight will learn that even in a world without magic, friendship and love still have the power to do the impossible.

    Don't Leave Me With Myself
    by Dubs Rewatcher

    Everyone knows that Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash are the bravest girls at CHS. But when the duo travels into Sunset’s mind to fight her literal inner demon—a shapeshifter that will take the form of their worst fears—they'll have to face a threat they never expected: each other.

    Looking Glass
    by Krickis

    Sunset always knew that she was destined for greatness, but she never dreamed of how great she could become. Not until she had seen it – the mirror had shown her as an alicorn. Ignoring Celestia’s warnings, Sunset goes looking for answers.

    When she learns that the mirror is also a portal to another world, well, what else was she supposed to do? But it seems that she hadn’t considered every possibility. She hadn’t, for example, considered that she might get herself trapped on the other side. Nor did she think she’d find herself transformed into a child again.

    The Sun Also Sets
    by SaddlesoapOpera

    Sunset Shimmer decides it’s finally time to return to Equestria to confront Princess Celestia and ask some tough questions about the treatment of Her protégés. She isn’t ready for the answers she receives.

    A Moment In The Sun
    by Chengar Qordath

    As the eternal regent of Equestria, Princess Celestia's knowledge of magic is without equal. Over her long life, only a few gifted ponies who had a great destiny before them have had the honor of learning at her side. Sunset Shimmer was one such pony: one of Celestia’s best and most promising students. As she learned at Celestia’s hooves, their bond strengthened until they became far more than student and teacher to one another.

    Sometimes those closest to us are the ones who can hurt us the most.

    Firebird Dahlia
    by The Albinocorn

    Life is looking up for Sunset Shimmer.

    With her grandstanding at the Battle of the Bands, Canterlot High has taken a new approach to her. Amends have been made, friendships have been restored, and Sunset is on the fast track to becoming a better person.

    But even now, there are still apologies that have to be said.

    For her Spring Break, Sunset returns to Equestria to make up with her estranged family: the parents that raised and provided for her, and the sister she left behind. But a lot has changed since then, and some wounds won't heal by just saying 'I'm sorry.'

    Fixing friendships is one thing. Sunset will be put through her hardest test yet when she tries to bring her family back together.

    Twilight Falls, Sunset Dawns
    by DrakeyC

    It's been two and a half years since Twilight Sparkle returned from the other world, leaving Sunset Shimmer in the company of the alternate group of friends she made. However, not all has gone well for her one-time rival in the other world. On the night of the 30th moon, Sunset emerges from the mirror and uses an ancient relic to switch their bodies. Alone in the care of Sunset's overbearing ex-tutor, Twilight uncovers the forgotten past that drove her rival to such desperation, while back in Ponyville, Sunset struggles with Twilight's lifestyle clashing with her own dreams.

    You Can't Always Get What You Want
    by bookplayer

    After her little magic trick at the Fall Formal, Sunset Shimmer is not having the best night, and it's about to get worse: Principal Celestia just found out that Sunset has been living in the school clock tower. Now she has nowhere to live, and who's going to take in a teenager with personal issues that include recent demonic possession? No one normal, obviously.

    But... maybe someone with a mohawk, a house full of creepy masks, and blue eyes that seem to see more than words -- or rhymes-- can say.

    You Can Always Come Home
    by EntityRelationship

    Losing a child is the most terrifying thing that can happen to a parent.

    Sunset Shimmer had been gone for years. Celestia had never really given up hope that she would see her again, but the doubt had always been in the back of her mind: what if she never returns? The echoes of their last fight followed her all those years.

    And now that Sunset Shimmer has returned, Celestia wants to see her again. She has an offer to make, to a filly she raised as a daughter.

    Mistakes We've Shared
    by Bootsy Slickmane

    In the wake of the magical fiasco that was the Friendship Games, Sunset Shimmer invites her new friend Twilight over to spend the night, and Twilight comes to find out that the two have more in common than she ever would have expected.

    A New Sun Rises
    by CommissarAJ

    Sunset Shimmer has never needed anyone or anything - she had her magic, she had her ambition, and she had intellect. Others just stood in her way or held her down. So what do you do when your plans for world domination fall through?

    Now she's about to discover that the only thing harder than hitting rock bottom is climbing your way out of that crater. Good thing she has some new friends to help her along, but its tough to seek forgiveness from others when you can't forgive yourself...

    by Corejo

    Sunset Shimmer lived a perfect life. Nightmare Moon destroyed it.

    When Luna seeks reconciliation years later, past demons resurface to threaten all that Sunset holds dear.

    Though she is willing, the question remains: is there a limit to forgiveness?


    And a Sky Full of Stars
    by Novel-Idea

    In a world where the stars shine through both day and night, a savage attack upon the Phoenix Tower of Canterlot Castle leaves the city in chaos, a princess abducted and the stars fading from the sky.

    Now, Princess Sunset Shimmer dons the legendary Solstice Raiment and the Flareblades of the Sunmother in a desperate quest to save the glittering heavens and the love of her life.

    Because if the stars die... her world will soon follow.

    The Freeport Venture
    by Chengar Qordath

    Sunset Shimmer is on the run. It's been six months since she left her life as Princess Celestia's student behind, but she can't escape her own past. Her parents are offering a reward for her safe return home, and Celestia's agents are watching her every step. She might have gotten out of Canterlot, but the runaway student is still a long way from freedom, especially since her education with the Princess of Equestria didn’t cover things like how to make a living wage with her magical skills.

    However, there might still be one place where she can escape all of them. The infamous island nation of Freeport has long had a reputation as a haven for pirates, criminals, and exiles, but there's no better place in the world for somepony who wants to disappear. The only question is whether Sunset will live long enough to pull it off.

    by FawkesThePhony

    How does one start a revolution?

    For Evenstar Boral, the question was always an academic one, suitable for late night conversations and maybe an article in the university newspaper. Now she's getting a little more field experience than she'd like.

    With strange ponies recognizing her on the street and her best friend plagued by nightmares, Evenstar finds herself thrust into events seven thousand years in the making. What is the strange symbol that keeps cropping up in her life? How can someone she's never met know so much about her? And who was Twilight Sparkle?

    But there is still hope, for even in a world of shadow and fear, true friendships never fade.

    Flash Sunset
    by Georg

    After finding real friends for the first time in a strange dimension of odd creatures, Sunset Shimmer has finally decided to return home to Equestria in the hopes of apologizing to Princess Celestia for her betrayal. Instead, she is greeted by an attack from the Royal Guard, and a pursuit across nighttime Canterlot that ends in disaster.

    Can two injured ponies who hate each other so much manage to survive the Everfree Forest and return to civilization, or are they just doomed to be eaten?

    Siren's Call
    by Thornwing

    Sunset Shimmer is finally happy, or so she thinks. Her perfect world gets turned upside down one night when she receives a visit from a former siren.

    What happens next explains quite a lot.

    by FanOfMostEverything

    The sirens are defeated and Sunset Shimmer has restored her magic. All's well and good, right?

    Of course not. What begins with Sunset's friends wanting to have a very important talk with her will escalate until the fate of at least one world hangs in the balance.

    Songs of the Spheres
    by GMBlackjack

    The scope of the multiverse is so tremendously beyond the comprehension of most beings that, if they were to truly know what it meant, they would break down and be unable to live their lives the way they wished. Most worlds are lucky to be blissfully unaware of the true picture of reality, never to encounter the higher forces and civilizations.

    However, when one of those higher forces make contact with one of those unaware worlds - intentionally or not, peacefully or not - everything will change drastically. Sometimes the change is slow, sometimes rapid. Regardless of the pacing, like all change, it is both good and bad. Civilizations have risen from simple worlds overnight and have crumbled just as quickly. Many can't handle the revelation, and those that can are not always the best examples of honor and dignity.

    It is often said that each world - each universe - has a Song, and that all these Songs are related, intertwining together in a mesh of powerful destiny among the Spheres of the multiverse.

    This is the story of how a certain world inhabited by Technicolor ponies found their Song and how it interwove itself in the Songs of so many others.

    This is a story of how everything can change in a single moment.

    This is a mega-crossover project of immense proportions covering dozens of fandoms. However, it is written in such a way that no previous knowledge of any of them - not even the ponies - will be required. The only warning is that there will be spoilers for any franchise you haven't seen.

    by Wanderer D

    Unhappy that her future as a member of the monarchy is denied by Celestia, Sunset Shimmer escapes through Starswirl's mirror into another world, planning to take it over to prove once and for all she was fit to rule. What she didn't expect—besides a species change—was to arrive in a world already conquered.

    Thanks to Whisper Key again for compiling these!

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