• Swedish Nickelodeon is Dumping MLP Season 8 Episodes Up to 24 This Month

    Because torturing pony fan sites by dumping entire seasons in a month is fun for some reason, we've got more early releases on the way. This time Sweden is leading the charge, with Nickelodeon over there airing all the way up to episode 24 by the end of August.

    We don't yet know if they will have English versions like some other countries do. There is a good chance though, as they apparently request the original source language on other shows.

    I'm just going to get on back to burying my head in the sand and pretending we aren't actually entering an early 8 month hiatus. Think happy thoughts... Your pony site will be fine... Yep...

    We will of course have posts up for releases once they pass Australia.  So expect those.

    Thanks to Ethan for the heads up.