• Ponyville Ciderfest Announces Tony Fleecs

    Tony Fleecs of MLP Comic Stardom has popped up as the newest big guest for Ponyville Ciderfest this year. Head on down below for the details if you want to meet him!

    Tony Fleecs, creator of countless IDW issues and covers, is coming to PVCF18!

    Art by Twisted Sketch

    Music can have a wider appeal than how a song sounds to a person. There’s also a visual aspect to it. A band’s logo can become an icon and worn on t-shirts of its many fans. Album covers can be turned into posters and hung in the bedrooms of teenagers across the world. Art plays a bigger role in music than one might imagine.
    With that in mind, Ponyville Ciderfest 2018 is ready to announce our 7th Guest of Honor. We are thrilled to welcome IDW comic book artist Tony Fleecs to Milwaukee this October!
    Fleecs is best known as an artist for the “My Little Pony” comic book series. He has contributed art to comics books in the “Friendship is Magic” series, as well as the “Friends Forever” and “FIENDship is Magic” series. Fleecs has also worked on the 2013 and 2017 annual issues.
    Fleecs joins our other Guests of Honor for this year’s Ponyville Ciderfest; including Rebecca Shoichet, Daniel Ingram, Kazumi Evans, and more! Badges to join us for our 5th Ponyville Ciderfest are still available! Sponsor and Patron badges help bring our fantastic guests to the convention for everyone to enjoy, as well as receive extra perks for their support. Those perks include priority spots in panels and autograph lines, exclusive merchandise from the convention, early vendor hall access, and more. The Super Sparkle Sponsor badge is only $400, with our Alicorn Sponsor badge set at $550.
    In addition, our weekend badge to come to the show is only $50! And single day badges range from $35-50.

    If you think our Guest of Honor Lineup is great, wait until you see what else we have in store!