• Film L.A. Finalizes a 6.5 Million Dollar Budget for the My Little Pony Movie

    The official film office for the city of Los Angeles has released it's annual study focusing on 2017. Buried within it's investor focused pages is a section dedicated to movie budgets. We've had estimates and leaks for the My Little Pony movie's overall cost, but nothing particularly definitive. This seems to be as good a source as any though.

    In the end, it's estimated budget was set at 6.5 Million. They do note that these aren't always perfect, as full production budgets are rarely disclosed.  This focuses on the studio cost, while extras could be tacked on after the fact.

    Regardless, it wasn't a huge budget movie that made over 50 million worldwide, DVD/Blu-ray sales not included. And considering it's a kids movie that parents will probably scoop up on a whim for a few hours of rest, those are probably pretty substantial.

    Thanks to Tadashi for the heads up.