• SDCC BEGINS! Kotobukiya Reveals Prototype for Pinkie Pie Equestria Girl + Pony Figure from SDCC! Plus Fluttershy Poster

    SDCC has almost arrived! Booths are being setup, and the news has started to flow. Earlier this week we noted that we wouldn't be able to cover the panel. Luckily, one of our pre-readers piped up saying he'd be at the event, so expect a breakdown from the pony panel on Friday! Get our full schedule and guide for the event over here.

    Lets get this ball rolling with some Kotobukiya! Earlier in the year, we revealed that the Japanese figure company was currently hard at work creating super high quality Equestria Girl dolls. It looks like the ponies will be joining them too! A prototype of Pinkie Pie has released, which you can find above complete with mini equine joining her.

    They also revealed their Fluttershy poster, which is a good indication of what the figure will look like. Production lineup will be Pinkie Pie, Twilight, then Flutters.

    Get that below, plus the booth!