• Ponyville Ciderfest 2018 Announces Rebecca Shoichet

    For all the Sunset Shimmer fans out there, Rebecca Shoichet will be hitting up Ponyville Ciderfest this October! If you want to meet her, head on down below for the infos!

    Rebecca Shoichet is joining our amazing lineup of guests for PVCF18!

    Art by Ruef

    Ponyville Ciderfest 2018 promises to be the biggest music festival ever seen in the My Little Pony fandom. We’ve announced four Guests of Honor that will get you off your feet and grooving to the beat this October in Milwaukee, but our lineup is nowhere near being complete. And today we’re adding one more headline Guest of Honor to our lineup.
    We are thrilled to announce Rebecca Shoichet as Ponyville Ciderfest’s next Guest of Honor! Rebecca has provided many voices for My Little Pony fans to enjoy. She is best known as the voice of Sunset Shimmer, and the singing voice of Twilight Sparkle. Shoichet has also played the role of Night Glider and Sugar Belle.
    Shoichet is our 5th Guest of Honor announced for this year’s event; joining Shannon Chan-Kent, Kazumi Evans, Michelle Creber, and Black Gryph0n. If you would like to come hang out with our Guests of Honor and all your music-loving friends this October, badges are still available. Weekend badges for all three days of the convention are only $50! And if you would like to enhance your Ponyville Ciderfest experience, sponsor badges are available too. Sponsor badges provide perks; such as line and seating priority, convention exclusive merchandise, tickets to our events, and more.

    We're not nearly done with announcements yet, so stay tuned for more coming soon!