• Ponies Around the World 2018 - The Gallery (Part 2)

    Our ponies around the world submissions continue with another 100 for day two! We've got some great ones in this one, especially some of that island stuff. I'm jelly.

    For day one, head on over here!

    Now get your ponies exploring the world below.

    104 Bryce Canyon Arch - Framwinkle

    Art image 104
    Pinkie Pie at an arch in the Bryce Canyon National Park, U.S.A.

    105 Canyonlands National Park - Framwinkle

    Art image 105
    Pinkie Pie at the Canyonlands National Park, U.S.A.

    106 The Grand Canyon - Framwinkle

    Art image 106
    Pinkie Pie at the Grand Canyon, U.S.A.

    107 Spitfire at Coors Field - CaptainWhirlwind

    Art image 107

    108 Schwarz at Aviation Education Exhibition Hall - Schwarz

    Art image 108
    Gangshan Aviation Education Exhibition Hall, Taiwan.

    109 Schwarz at Siaogangshan Skywalk Park - Schwarz

    Art image 109
    The Siaogangshan Skywalk Park (Chinese: 崗山之眼) is a park in Gangshan District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
    The park features a skywalk 40.5 metres (133 ft) in height, 88 metres (289 ft) in length and 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) in width. The shape of the skywalk resembles a violin for its main pylon and strings for its 24 suspension cables.


    110 Luna in Jaipur, India - Shimmer_Light

    Art image 110
    Shot on the roof of our Hoel by a backpack trip across India.

    111 Sapphire Joy at The Suramadu Bridge - Hendro Wicaksono

    Art image 111
    The Suramadu Bridge (Indonesian: Jembatan Suramadu), also known as the Surabaya–Madura Bridge, is a cable-stayed bridge between Surabaya on the island of Java and the town of Bangkalan on the island of Madura in Indonesia. Opened in June 2009, the 5.4-km bridge is the longest in Indonesia and the first bridge to cross the Madura Strait.

    113 TS is enjoying rare sunny day on the shore of Okhotsk sea, Russia - Oleg

    Art image 113
    Sea of Okhotsk, Topographers' cape, Russia

    114 Flitter at Mt. Fuji - CategoricalGrant

    Art image 114
    As viewed from Kawaguchiko, Japan

    115 Flitter overlooking Nijo Castle - CategoricalGrant

    Art image 115
    Inner Nijo Castle and Gardens, Kyoto, Japan

    116 Flitter overlooking Hiroshima, Japan - CategoricalGrant

    Art image 116

    118 Flitter at Fushimi-Inari Shrine, Kyoto, Japan - CategoricalGrant

    Art image 118

    119 Flitter with deer in Nara, Japan - CategoricalGrant

    Art image 119

    120 Pinkie Pie at Borobudur Temple, Indonesia - Furrypuffles

    Art image 120
    On February 2018, I visited Borobudur Temple and bring my Pinkie Pie. The place is very beautiful and worth visiting. It's very high and you need to take long and tiring stairs to the top, but trust me, its so worth it <3 i="">

    122 Rainbow Dash @ Deutsches Eck - Flynn

    Art image 122
    Cutout of Rainbow Dash positioned in front of the equestrian statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I. (Emperor William I) at the Deutsches Eck (lit: German Corner) in Koblenz, Germany.

    123 Fluttershy at the US Capitol - Washington DC - K.K.

    Art image 123

    124 Fluttershy visits "Kota Tua", Jakarta. - MentionPony

    Art image 124
    When visiting good places, don't forget to take a pic of your pony.

    125 The highest point in Thailand - SL7205

    Art image 125
    This is the highest point in Thailand (2565.3341 meters above MSL), with my OC. This is not initially planned so my OC is barely seen.

    126 Twilight at the central train station - SL7205

    Art image 126
    Here is the picture of Twilight across from Hua Lamphong Central Train Station in Bangkok, Thailand. This building is very old and will be decommissioned as the central station in 2 years as the new station at Bangsue is being built, so this is a good opportunity to capture it in all its glory.

    127 Derpy discovers satellite - SL7205

    Art image 127
    Derpy looking at the Thaicom Satellite Station, Nonthaburi, Thailand.

    128 EG Travelogues - Rarity in Singapore - bakumaru01

    Art image 128
    "And here we have Singapore's famous landmark, the Sentosa Merlion!
    ... quite reminiscent of the seaponies, no?"

    129 Trixie needs fresh air! - turnovercalendar365

    Art image 129
    Trixie needs fresh air. so, she go to lake in Jeongeup, Mt. Naejangsan South korea.

    130 Fluttershy at Eilean Donan - Loganberry

    Art image 130
    Here we have Fluttershy enjoying the view at Eilean Donan Castle, one of Scotland's most recognisable landmarks and the star of countless calendars and tins of shortbread. It also featured prominently in Highlander. There has been a castle here for around 800 years, though the original was destroyed during the Jacobite risings in the 18th century. Today's building is the product of extensive restoration around 100 years ago. The weather when I visited was superb, something you certainly can't take for granted in the West Highlands!

    131 Zone of Tatality - LoudTaffy

    Art image 131
    Taken in Salem Oregon.

    132 In SPACE! - LoudTaffy

    Art image 132

    133 Numb Hooves - LoudTaffy

    Art image 133

    134 Real American Values - LoudTaffy

    Art image 134

    136 Starlight Glimmer at The Heroes Monument - Hendro Wicaksono

    Art image 136
    The Heroes Monument (Indonesian:Tugu Pahlawan) is a monument in Surabaya, Indonesia. It is the main symbol of the city, dedicated to the people who died during the Battle of Surabaya on November 10, 1945. The 10 November Museum is located under the monument. This monument is 41.15 meters tall and is phallus-shaped. It was built to commemorate the events of 10 November 1945 at the Battle of Surabaya. It is the venue every November 10 for the commemoration of the events of 1945, when many heroes died in the war of independence.

    139 Trixie travel on Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Place with statue - Richard Bothazi

    Art image 139
    Few weeks ago i take photo the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Place for with statue and its so sunny this summer

    140 Trixie travel in Budapest hello wood - Richard Bothazi

    Art image 140
    Sunday i take the photo hello wood from the Budapest for you see many a lot of tourists are attracted to it wood builds and these are provided can take relaxing

    141 My little pony Rainbow Dash Seapony island Peak - Richard Bothazi

    Art image 141
    When you saw this movie the My little pony to mane 6 go Mount Aris and meet the hippogrifs.
    In minute time this are Seapony.
    Present i take the photo Óbuda island Peak with this image make real life of Seaponies

    142 Trixie travel Budapest Fradi Eagle Iron Statue - Richard Bothazi

    Art image 142
    When i go Saturday the museums night i take picture to Stadium the Iron Eagle for idol
    I like it

    143 Starlight Glimmer at Ruthven Barracks - Loganberry

    Art image 143
    Starlight Glimmer stands in front of the hill on which stands Ruthven Barracks, just outside Kingussie in the Scottish Highlands. The fortress was built around 1720 in response to the failed Jacobite uprising of 1715. It was captured by the Jacobites in their second uprising in 1745, but destroyed the following year after the government victory at the Battle of Culloden.

    144 Radiance in Sonora, Mexico - Fernando Ibarra

    Art image 144

    145 Trixie Lulamoon see the Led Light the Budapest - Richard Bothazi

    Art image 145
    In February i found the Asterix graffiti and its greatest french comic all European

    146 Fluttercliffs - MasterGeorge

    Art image 146
    Fluttershy in front of the landscape just North of Scientists' Cliffs, Maryland.

    147 A Tornado Burns Bright in The House on the Rock - NikitaKitten

    Art image 147
    The world's largest Ferris wheel, in The House on the Rock.

    More photos of Cherry's visit to The House on the Rock can be found on her Twitter account: @WornHorseShoes

    148 Sign, Sign, From Everywhere a Sign... - NikitaKitten

    Art image 148
    People from all over the world pass through the tiny town of Watson Lake in the far north of Canada, many of them leaving signs telling where they came from. Cherry left a Princess Poutine sticker, to commemorate the last year of BronyCAN, the best convention ever. You can see it here: https://twitter.com/WornHorseShoes/status/904088799768129538

    149 Mt. Cherrymore - NikitaKitten

    Art image 149
    Yes, it's a cliche picture. But all we're saying is that it'd be a much, much more adorable attraction if Cherry were added to the monument!

    Original Twitter post: https://twitter.com/WornHorseShoes/status/968610702754709504

    150 Cherry Jubilee: The Fugitive - NikitaKitten

    Art image 150
    When it came to filming the train crash in "The Fugitive," they opted for the obvious answer: crash a train and film it. Now, 25 years later, the derailed locomotive sits, rusting, just outside of Sylva, North Carolina.

    151 The Witching Hour in Zumbrota - NikitaKitten

    Art image 151
    Covered bridges are magical places. If you want proof, try visiting the Zumbrota Covered Bridge after midnight, when the fog is rolling over the banks of the river, and everything is stained green and orange by the lamplight diffusing through the trees. It feels like you just might be the last pony left in the world.

    Want to see it from another angle? https://twitter.com/WornHorseShoes/status/986365196821200896

    152 Pinkie Pie in her usual fourth wall breaking self in Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street - aisquared

    Art image 152

    153 Doctor looking at Brno, Czech Republic - Birdybird

    Art image 153
    Picture taken from Červený kopec. You can see there Brno's exhibition grounds.

    154 Spitfire by Pánská skála, Czech republic - Birdybird

    Art image 154
    This natural landmark can be seen in České Středohoří. It is a basalt rock, one of its kind in Czech Republic. Unfortunately I don't have any Maud Pie merch yet. But I think even those who aren't interested in geology, would find the magic in this place.

    155 Spitfire looking at Macha's lake, Czech Republic - Birdybird

    Art image 155
    We are looking at Maáchovo jezero from tower of Bezděz castle. Both can be found in Kokořínsko in Czech Republic. It is also a place where one of our most know poem Máj takes place.

    156 Spitfire in gardens of Ploskovice chateau, Czech Republic - Birdybird

    Art image 156
    As far as I remember chateau Ploskovice was used as a one of summer residences of Habsburgs dynasty. It is also a famous film shooting location. You can recognize it from BBC's Musketeers series.

    157 Spitfire in front of saint Barbara temple, Czech Republic - Birdybird

    Art image 157
    You can find this one in Kutná hora. It is also on UNESCO list. And again, there is no other temple like this one in Czech Republic.

    158 EG Travelogues - Fluttershy Visits Epcot - bakumaru01

    Art image 158
    "Wow, so this is Disney Epcot! It's wonderful here!
    ... yay!"

    159 EG Travelogues - Cloud Gate - bakumaru01

    Art image 159
    "Say cheese! Here at Cloud Gate!"

    160 I see you, Lionsgate. - Waffles

    Art image 160
    This is Lionsgate Bridge in Vancouver, BC, Canada, from the perspective of Prospect Point, in Stanley Park.

    161 Rainbow Dash visiting Las Pegasus (Las Vegas) - CMC-Dash

    Art image 161
    Rainbow Dash visited Las Pegasus in May 2018. She stayed at the Paris hotel over looking city center, the Eiffel Tower, and Bellagio fountains. She even made it to a NHL Western Conference playoff game where she cheered on her second favorite team after the Wonder-Bolts; the Vegas Golden Knights who beat the Winnipeg Jets.

    162 The Heights of Jakarta - Nightie

    Art image 162
    Overlooking the northern skyline of the city of Jakarta from the top of the new National Library of Indonesia. The city's de facto symbol and most identifiable landmark, the National Monument, stands in the middle.

    The only reason it's Starlight instead of Twilight is simply due to the fact I just got back from McDonalds with one of her toys, and thought I should stop over, whoops.

    163 - Jacko247

    Art image 163

    164 - Jacko247

    Art image 164

    165 "Vinyl Charger in Wonderbolts Territory" - AustinoRDLG

    Art image 165
    Road trip with a Vinyl Scratch-themed Dodge Charger to Pensacola, Florida. This is the headquarters for the Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron, the inspiration for the Wonderbolts.

    166 Twilight - Khao Ngu Stone Park - SpiderBraids

    Art image 166
    Taken on a day trip in November 2017

    167 Rainbow Dash visits San Fransisco - HomieRicky

    Art image 167
    I ventured across the continent to visit some really cool people there. I brought my Rainbow Dash figure with me and took some pictures for the memories. SF is truly a beautiful place.

    170 - Jacko247

    Art image 170

    171 Sunset Shimmer in Pozos azules, Villa de Leyva - Minty Treble

    Art image 171
    I went to Villa de Leyva and brought Sunset Shimmer with me, here we are at Pozos Azules (The Blue Lakes). The reddish desert and soft greens really complements Sunny’s colors <3 i="">

    172 Sunset Shimmer visiting La Casa Terracota, in Villa de Leyva - Minty Treble

    Art image 172
    Our next stop in Villa de Leyva was La Casa Terracota, the biggest piece of pottery in the world (all the house is made of soil!!). Interesting shapes all over the place, animal and human faces appear in every corner, Sunny was stunned to see such a magical and surreal place.

    173 Zecora at London Bridge! - Timmy_22222001

    Art image 173
    Caught wind of a wicked enchantress that was hanging around London Bridge! And she rhymes alot too! o0o

    174 Twilight at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta Georgia - Tom

    Art image 174

    175 Twilight at Omni Hotel in CNN Center - Tom

    Art image 175

    176 Twilight at World of Coca-Cola - Tom

    Art image 176
    Picture taken with statue of John Pemberton, creator of coca-cola at World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia.

    177 Plushie Twilight at Mount Teide - TomTrixxor

    Art image 177
    I went on a trip to Tenerife and hid Twilight in my backpack on the flight there. On the island we booked an excursion called the "Teide Twilight Tour" and I just had to bring her with me. Near the mount was a hiking trail leading up a smaller hill which I climbed on to take this picture. I think she liked the trip, especially the visit at the near obervatory on one of the smaller mountains next to Mount Teide.

    178 The Cutie Mark Crusaders and Princess Skystar at St. Rupert's Church, Vienna (Main Altar) - CMC_Scootaloo

    Art image 178
    Another year, another "Ponies Around the World" participation..... And the fourth part of my series where Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle visit a scary place in Vienna for Ponies Around the World, to present Vienna's dark and morbid side.
    This time, they were joined by Princess Skystar, daughter of Queen Novo and Princess of the Hippogriffs from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Movie, and they visited St. Rupert's Church, the oldest church of Vienna that dates back almost 1,300 years!

    Picture #1: On these first pictures that I will submit, you can see the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Princess Skystar standing in front of the main altar of St. Rupert's Church. And if you look closely to the left of Skystar's head, you can see a floor plate that is right in front of the altar. You can read more about this floor plate on my Deviantart uploads, because what's under it is said to never rest.....

    179 The Cutie Mark Crusaders and Princess Skystar at St. Rupert's Church, Vienna (Saint Rupert Picture) - CMC_Scootaloo

    Art image 179
    Another year, another "Ponies Around the World" participation..... And the fourth part of my series where Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle visit a scary place in Vienna for Ponies Around the World, to present Vienna's dark and morbid side.
    This time, they were joined by Princess Skystar, daughter of Queen Novo and Princess of the Hippogriffs from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Movie, and they visited St. Rupert's Church, the oldest church of Vienna that dates back almost 1,300 years!

    Picture #4: On this fourth picture, Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, as well as Skystar, decided to pose some more under an impressive 3D picture of Saint Rupert, the man the church was named after. Skystar was not sure if she should regret it afterwards, as she felt a little tiny under that imposing picture.

    180 The Cutie Mark Crusaders and Princess Skystar at St. Rupert's Church, Vienna (Saint Rupert Statue) - CMC_Scootaloo

    Art image 180
    A new year, a new PAtW participation. And another look at Vienna's morbid side. This time, the CMC were joined by Princess Skystar to visit Vienna's oldest church!

    Picture #5: For the final picture, I chose the statue of Saint Rupert at the left side of the church. I could not reach it because it stands behind a fence and it was also hard to see, as this spot has grown over a lot, but it was an ideal spot for a picture.
    There weren't many options to place Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, and absolutely no safe ones for Skystar, which is why I was holding her for the picture, and I was also a little scared those spikes could pierce a hole into one of my beloved Crusaders, but it all worked out in the end.
    The picture of Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle in front of the statue is the best one of all that I made this year for Ponies Around the World and even my best PAtW picture of all the years combined, I really love how it turned out. I'm pretty proud of this one.

    181 FIFA Fan Fest in Moscow, 4 hours before 3rd and 4th quarter finals - BliSer

    Art image 181
    Except a huuuge line waiting to witness Stanley Cup, not too many people there at that early hour. So, more space to fly for Cloudchaser!
    FIFA Fan Fest in Moscow took place at Vorobyovy Gory and the building on the background is the Main building of Moscow State University.
    Resemblance between Cloudchaser's costume and Swedish flag is unintended, so is the lighting of these photos.

    183 Flutterbat at Lake Virginia, along the John Muir Trail in the High Sierras, California - Flutterbatty (NatureShy)

    Art image 183
    I went on a 50 mile backpacking trip in the High Sierras, and took this photo. I also filmed here for Equestria: Into the Wild.

    184 Unity at Lagos, Algarve, Portugal - Cabraloca

    Art image 184
    Unity (mascot of German BronyFair) walks along a beautiful beach near Lagos, Algarve in south Portugal.
    Yep, I wear socks even in summer times ^^'

    185 Unity at Monument of Discoveries, Lisbon - Cabraloca

    Art image 185
    Big Pone Unity (mascot of German BronyFair) boops Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument of the Discoveries) in Lisbon, Portugal.
    That moment in Portuguese history when they discovered the land of big Pones...

    186 Unity at Belém Tower, Lisbon - Cabraloca

    Art image 186
    Unity (mascot of German BronyFair) takes a look at Torre de Belém (Belém Tower) in Lisbon Portugal.
    Belém... sounds like Blep & Mlem ^^

    187 Seapony Muffinkarton at Matterhorn, Zermatt - Cabraloca

    Art image 187
    Tiny seapony OC Muffinkarton travelled to famous and iconic Matterhorn (4,478 metres) in Zermatt, Switzerland.
    I'm off to see the world...

    188 Unity and Starlight G. at Prague orloj - Cabraloca

    Art image 188
    Unity (mascot of German BronyFair) and Starlight G. by Herpderp visit Pražský orloj (Prague astronomical clock) in Prague, Czech Republic as part of our Czequestria 2017 tour.
    "That clock looks like a 3D print of Miss Libussas cutiemark!"

    189 The Queen Of Chaos - EddictedBrony

    Art image 189
    Fluttershy takes a visit to Hascon in Providence RI to take the throne of chaos. Discord won't mind, in fact he'd approve of this!

    190 Ocellus In Beantown - EddictedBrony

    Art image 190
    Principal Sparkle sent Ocellus to go on a personal field trip to Beantown in Jordan's Furniture as a friendship lesson and to pick up jellybeans for every creature. The little changeling never thought a town of jellybeans would be so fun!

    191 Ocellus At Beantown's Water Show - EddictedBrony

    Art image 191
    Principal Sparkle sent Ocellus to go on a personal field trip to Beantown in Jordan's Furniture as a friendship lesson and to pick up jellybeans for every creature. The little changeling never thought a town of jellybeans would be so fun! Ocellus especially never expected an amazing water show for her to watch while there! All the other students will be so jealous!

    192 The Jackson Hole Pony - EddictedBrony

    Art image 192
    Party Favor takes a little vacation to Jackson Hole Wyoming and stopped at the Jackson Hole Playhouse to relax after a long day of sightseeing. At least until two new friends begged him to play a song for them, but at least that was still enjoyable!

    193 10,000ft Up - EddictedBrony

    Art image 193
    Party Favor, still in Jackson Hole WY decided to take a tram to the high mountaintops of Grand Teton National Park, 10,000ft up. Despite being scared out of his mind, at least he got some beautiful scenery and mountain waffles to eat. Double Diamond would've loved it here. (The only reason he isn't here was because I didn't know about the tram before we got here so only Party Favor came. Sorry DD. :( )

    194 - andres caicedo

    Art image 194

    195 - andres caicedo

    Art image 195

    196 Rarity at Ashby de la Zouch castle - The Matthew

    Art image 196

    197 Twilight at Witley Court - The Matthew

    Art image 197
    The fountain represents Perseus astride Pegasus as he rescues Andromeda, and was installed in 1860.

    198 Batty Nights - Matlock Lakes, California - Flutterbatty (NatureShy)

    Art image 198
    Went on a backpacking trip in the High Sierras and took this photo at my second campsite! :D I also timelapsed the whole thing, milky way and the sunset, together.
    Note: gallery link (on my name) takes you to my PATW photography site, and the image "source" link takes you to the DeviantArt page for this photo. (My DA gallery is incomplete, though.)

    199 Top of Chicago - Ben Schneider

    Art image 199
    Rainbow Dash at top of Chicago.
    Photo taken in John Hancock Center sitting in the Signature Lounge at the 96th facing the skyline. A fine dining and bar located separately above the touristy observation deck.

    200 Starlight and Trixie on Formby beach - George & Ruby

    Art image 200
    Starlight and Trixie visit Formby beach in Merseyside UK to watch the sunset. Picture taken by my 11 year old daughter Ruby.