• IDW Publishing Reveals MLP: Ponyville Mysteries #1 SDCC Exclusive Cover!

    You know, if I weren't already collecting every single cover produced by IDW Publishing for their My Little Pony Comic line, I would be hunting down this cover for the "Horsefly" pun alone.


    Aside from that, IDW Publishing has revealed their SDCC Exclusive Cover for MLP: Ponyville Mysteries #1. The cover will be available at IDW Publishing's booth (Booth #2743), is a limited edition of 500 copies, and will cost convention attendees a mere $5 to pick up.

    So accounting for the standard scalper mark up of 400%, you should be able to find it on eBay for about $25 (+shipping).

    Anyways, if you've managed to pull off a minor miracle and will be attending SDCC this year, consider stopping by IDW Publishing's booth and picking this cover up.

    Also, IDW has a mystery lithograph exclusive which they won't be announcing until 12:00 PM PDT on July 19th (the first day of the convention). From the sounds it, the lithograph (which costs $20) is probably going to be something Transformer related (since it will be announced at one of their morning panels on Thursday) but one never knows.

    Till the next bit of SDCC news comes out, this has been The Illustrious Splendor Q. Catch you in the comments!