• Equestfold: Hospital Anoreham is Now Available Plus Patreon News

    The creators of the Equestfold series have now officially released their latest addition to the series after testing and some demos we mentioned earlier this year!

    Not only that there is some Patreon news you can find after the break where you can help support the team behind the Equestfold!

    Hello guys, Equestfold Hospital Anoreham is now avalaible so take role of Fluttershy and get out alive from hospital. Full version has 5 chapters with bunch of fixes and changes.

    Also we need your help, we want to give a more free time to the creation of games and now you have a chance to keep and support us. All our games are free, but some instruments and resources need some cash.

    That's why we've started patreon, if we'll get enough resources we will be able to spend almost all our free time for creating much more and different games or at least will give more resources to our upcoming projects.

    As always thanks for the support! Also, don't forget to visit our official site for upcoming or already released games.

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