• Twitter Has Apparently Deleted Angel Wings Twitter Page

    A few seasons ago, a girl got accepted by the Make a Wish Foundation to have her OC pony added to the show. Angel Wings quickly grew a Twitter following after the episode aired, and until yesterday had continued to interact with her fanbase almost daily.

    Unfortunately, it looks like Twitter has shut the account down. The prevailing theory was an issue with the birth date. Apparently when you open a Twitter account, they are pretty serious about having an accurate date of birth on file. Angel Wings popped something random in there, as many of us tend to do, and when she tried to change it recently to an accurate date, her account was flagged and shut down.

    Of course, that is just the theory right now. Twitter likes to randomly nuke accounts for whatever reason. Even the EQD account got bombed once and popped up a few hours later like nothing happened. This has been going on for a day though, so hopefully someone over there gets her issue processed. As of 1AM though, it's still down.

    I guess call this OC of the day since we are at this time anyway!

    Thanks to Miak for the heads up.