• Toynk Reveals First SDCC My Little Pony Convention Exclusives!

    With 3 weeks left until SDCC is upon us—AAAAAAHHHHHH—the first My Little Pony SDCC Exclusive for the convention has finally been announced.

    I have a feeling it won't be the last, since Hasbro hasn't announced their exclusives for the convention yet.

    Anyways, up first for SDCC is this wonderful My Little Pony '83 Pin set from Toynk! The MLP '83 initiative was first announced by Hasbro back at New York Toy Fair, with the only clue as to what this is going to be about being "being more info coming soon." Looks like we might be getting that info at SDCC!

    The MLP '83 pin set is made up of 3 pins and will retail at booths 815, 4437, and 5245 for $15.00. Like all SDCC Exclusives it is limited in quantity. In this case the run is limited to 1,500 sets. So if you want to get your hands on them get there early!

    Equestria Daily will continue to bring you news about SDCC as it comes in! Till next time!