• RuBronyCon Launches Cosplay Applications

    The Russian brony convention RuBronyCon has a cosplay contest planned, and needs all the talented people out there to sign up for it. Head on down below for the infos!

    To be someone else in appearance and mind. Not an easy task, right? Changelings have mastered it perfectly, but now you have a chance to challenge them.

    Chrysalis wants to know what ponies are capable of. Following the Queen’s orders, today we announce the opening of the cosplayers registration to “RuBronycon18”!

    Cosplayers are the visual essence of every convention. So of course, we are trying to give the best conditions to all of our beloved cosplayers. Therefore, the dressing room will be open to all accredited cosplayers on the both days of the convention. And all the brave souls that are going to hit the stage under the eyes of Chrysalis, will have a free pass to the event.

    The best will have the blessing of the Queen as well as presents!

    On the website, you’ll find all the rules and conditions. Read them carefully. Are you ready for this challenge? If so, just fill in this form.