• Reminder: Ponies Around the World and Collection Events - Spread the Word!

    We've got two events going for anyone that hasn't been following our regular pony summer shenanigans. The collection event and Ponies Around the World are open for submissions with somewhat long term deadlines:

    MLP Collection Event - JUNE 25TH 1:00 AM PST 
    Ponies Around the World - JULY 13TH 11:59 PM PST

    Please spread the word if you can! The more submissions we get, the better these events will be. Tell your mom. Tell your sister. Tell your dog. Tell the WORLD! It's pony time.

    For all EQD events, be sure to follow our event label. Celestia Day will be happening later this month on JUNE 20TH. More info on that in a few days. If you want to start working on something celestia themed, be it art, media, or general sun horse stuff, get to it!