• Random Pony Merch: Knockoffs, Wall Decals, Towels, and More!

    The random merchandise train continues, with LED night lights, Pop Ups, Wall Decals, and more appearing in stores. The stuff above was spotted at Walmart by Kalecgos.

    And below, more random merch!

    Movie Towels

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Machoskater

    Kids Shirts

    Found At: Philippines Facebook
    Found By:  John

    Drink Set from Sony

    Found At: Target
    Found By: Gameangel147

    Rando Pony Prints Spotted

    Found At: PiQ
    Found By: Loud Taffy

    Chinese Knockoff Poneis

    Found At: Actually found in China this time! At the Shenyang airport
    Found By: Malbak

    Cutie Mark Crew hit the UK

    Found At:  Tesco
    Found By: Genghis

    School Outfit Glimmer

    Found At: Ebay
    Found By: Banks

    Thaliand McDonalds Toys

    Found at: Thailand
    Found By: Spiderbraids