• Pony Community Soapbox #101 - Giving Lauren Faust a BREAK!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Please Give Lauren Faust a Break
    • Trixie is greater and more powerful than Twilight will ever be
    • Understanding the Everfree
    • The true identity of the Dazzlings
    • Spike could leave Twilight

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Please Give Lauren Faust a Break
    By: Max Robinson

    Lauren Faust had left the show ever since season 3, and that has been 6 years now. However, people still coming to her Twitter and ask if she has anything to do with the recent events in the show. She works on many other shows and projects, not just colourful cartoon equine guys. It is not her story anymore, her involvement in the show is over. She has moved on to other original show of her and hardly even kept up with MLP ever since. So please stop asking her if she planned for Spike to get M.Air. Larson's treatment, her thought on any new characters in the show (including AJ's parents, she knows nothing about them) or any upcoming event in the storyline.

    Trixie is greater and more powerful than Twilight will ever be
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Trixie is pretty great and powerful in every way over Twilight and here’s why. Her most notable piece of characterization came from the fact that Trixie (in “No Second Prances”) put her life on the line and put 100% blind trust in the fact that her former friend, Starlight, would come to her aid and save her life after their falling out. Let me reiterate- This is a pony that shot herself into the mouth of a hungry predator with absolute faith and conviction that her first and recently EX-best friend that she drove away would prevent her from being eaten ALIVE. At no point in the series has “the magic of friendship” been put to such a test by anypony except Trixie. Twilight usually relies on the fact that her friends are right there with her, when it’s all or nothing, or when they aren’t around, she never stakes her life on them rescuing her. Sometimes, she even does things on her own without her friends backing her up. (coughstealingtheseaponypearlcough).

    Understanding the Everfree
    By: Jade Muse

    There have been many confusions and poignant remarks on the "former" dangers of the Everfree Forest that I thought I may as well throw in my own two cents. Opposing popular belief, I believe the Everfree is in fact still dangerous, just not commonly seen.
    In Season One, we were oversaturated in dialogue about this forest being a danger to those who entered. As time went on though, we were shown more of its good through Zecora and ponies began to enter and return without a scratch. This however, does not mean that the forest has lost its danger; only that ponies have adapted to the dangers that lie within. With Zecora's help, they may have forged paths where dangers are lessened or nonexistent or learned to avoid areas where threats could be found. In episodes where they found themselves on unknown paths though, they found rockodiles, timberwolves, and even attracted some unwanted guests with food or sounds.
    Although not highlighted as much as prior, the dangers are still as prevalent. There just exist now areas of danger and areas of safety, like every known forest in our own world.

    I'll be in the comments answering questions, should any arise.

    The true identity of the Dazzlings
    by PapyJr13

    The Dazzlings are called the Sirens and we didn't see any others representative of their species.

    However, their chara-design remind me seaponies. The only difference is the crystals on their chest. It's a mark of birth ? If yes, so the Sirens might a neighboor species of seaponies.

    But I think not, these crystals are like the Alicorn Amulet. An powerful artefact which corrumpt people. Like with Trixie, imagine if the Dazzlings was corrumpted seaponies ? And to make the difference, take a draconic shape (reference to sea dragon, a species of seahorse)

    In their song, there is always that notion to be adored, I think that while they was seaponies, their voices was so horrible (like after the destruction of the artefacts) so maybe these crystal works like the shell of Ursula in the Little Mermaid : Capture a better voice to improve the spell.

    But blinded by the thirsty of adoration, they are been corrumpted in the same time.

    Spike could leave Twilight
    By: MegaSean45

    For a long time I've been thinking of what Spike's true purpose on the show is, and after Molt Down and some of us Spike's past episodes, I'm pretty sure there is something being planned for him. Spike's movie description mentions that "he is still unsure of his destiny but is resolute in his devotion to Twilight". However, after Molt Down, are the developers planning for Spike to leave Twilight? Not leave her for good, she's still his closest friend and family and will be there for her in her time of need, but there might come a time at the end of the series where he must choose between his duties for Equestria or being there for Twilight 24/7/365.

    There might come a time when Celestia, Ember, Thorax, or others would need Spike to help out with relations with eachother or needing assistance in their personal duties. It would be a difficult choice for the both of them, because even though they both want to do what's best for Equestria, they do need eachother, which would be really hard. Maybe that's what Starlight's purpose is on the show now! Maybe she IS taking Spike's place being Twilight's assistant 24/7/365, that's because Spike would be having an ever greater responsibility!

    If this is actually happening, it would be at the end of the series. Like what Rarity said, "Everypony's gotta leave the nest at some point!" But that doesn't mean Spike's going too far off! ;)