• Hasbro and IDW Invite Even More MLP Fandom Artists for the Official Comics!

    IDW is kicking it up a notch after inviting Pencils to do an entire comic. Two more fandom artists have been added to the cover creation world!

    Pony Berserker scooped up theRetail Incentive version of the upcoming Ponyville Mysteries 5th issue. You've probably seen him a ton in comic posts here EQD. Almost every week, or even multiple times in a week in some cases.

    And joining him is dSana, who is currently plugging away at "The Shadow Shard", another comic we regularly feature pages of. They did the retail incentive cover for the 70th issue in the main series.

    I remember years ago when fan artists working with official show content would have been a pipe dream. It's cool to see it happening regularly now!

    Thanks to Miak for the heads up