• Battle Gem Ponies Gets Another Facelift!

    Battle Gem Ponies continues with its updates as it releases a facelift for the game! Featuring many redone sprites the game is looking better than ever.

    Check on after the break for more information and some screenshots of the update!

    The (way behind schedule) Battle Gem Ponies RPG project I've been chipping away at reached a neat milestone recently that I'd like to share to prove the project's not dead.

    A lot of the pony Ultra Forms have been changed up to look more appealing than the last draft, and now the roster feels complete (minus the legendary alicorns who get their own reveal later). 

    Also, the game's world will be made with a new level editing tool and you can read all about it on the official development blog!

    And here's a look at the entire pony roster so far:

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