• Vinyl and Octavia Day Cosplays

    Cosplays are such a staple at conventions that if I ever went to a convention where there wasn't any I'd feel that something was horribly missing. As with any character of MLP you're sure to find some Vinyl and Octavia mixed in, especially when friends or couples are attending as they make a great duo!

    So without further ado, check on after the break for a sampling of Octavia and Vinyl cosplays!

    [1] Source

    The Master of Putting up with Vinyls Bull by dj-smackdown

    [2] Source

    Vinyl Scratch a.k.a. the DJ by PyroTemperTantrum

    [3] Source

    Octavia: Forever Stubborn by dj-smackdown

    [4] Source

    All the Vinyl by lauren-campbell

    [5] Source

    Vinyl Scratch: Stage Lights by PyroTemperTantrum

    [6] Source

    Vinyl BEEETCH by PyroTemperTantrum

    [7] Source

    Octavia 1 - My Little Pony by DugFinn

    [8] Source

    Don't let go by Theatregeek18

    [9] Source

    Vinyl Scratch and Octavia by MishaCosplay

    [10] Source

    MLP Cosplay: Different Perspective by Awesome-Vivi

    [11] Source

    Musical Duo by MishaCosplay

    [12] Source

    Muahahahaha by Theatregeek18

    [13] Source

    Mid day Nap by sciezka

    [14] Source

    The Masquerade by Theatregeek18

    [15] Source

    Stop messing with my tie! by Theatregeek18

    [16] Source

    [MLP] Octavia and Vinyl Scratch by WhiscashGirl

    [17] Source

    Octavia and Vinyl Scratch: Making Music by XBlissfulnightmareX

    [18] Source

    Octavia and Vinyl Scratch Cosplay by BloodTears19

    [19] Source

    Octavia/Vinyl Scratch Cosplay by DoctorSpectrum

    [20] Source

    BronyCon '14: Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Hug by PanicPagoda

    [21] Source

    Octavia and DJ Pon 3 (2) by Yokumasaki

    [22] Source

    Poor Octavia. by Amelia-Seyruun

    [23] Source

    BronyCon 2013 Vinyl Scratch + Octavia by GmanCommand

    [24] Source

    My Little Pony: Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Cosplay by LlamaBanana8

    [25] Source

    Vinyl and Octy Party hard...!? by BloodTears19

    [26] Source

    Best Friends Brohoof by StudioSokki

    [27] Source

    Octavia and DJ Pon3 by XenPhotos

    [28] Source

    The odd couple by MishaCosplay

    [29] Source

    Yin and Yang by BrinyCosplay

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