• The Future of BABSCon is Here April 19-21, 2019, and Rebecca Shoichet Will Be There…but Get Your Early Bird Discounts NOW!

    BABSCon may have only been a short time ago but that doesn't mean they can't start up announcements for next year! If you know for sure that you're going, now is the time to get your Early Bird Discounts.

    Even better, Rebecca Shoichet will be there as well! So get your ticket for next year today!

    Check after the break for the full details!

    BABSCon is back, and we’re heading 20 minutes into the future for our 2019 event! When, you ask? Our dates for next year are April 19-21 (aka Easter weekend, as usual for us).

    If you were at BABSCon 2018 con at the end of March, you may have seen that we made a surprise announcement of our first Guest of Honor for 2019 at closing ceremonies. In case you missed it, we’ll give you a little reminder: the one and only Rebecca Shoichet will be making her triumphant return to our humble pony shindig by the bay.

    In addition to being the voice of Sunset Shimmer, Sugar Belle, and Night Glider, plus the singing voice of Princess Twilight Sparkle, in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls, you may also recognize Rebecca as Sota and Eri from InuYasha, She-Hulk and Squirrel Girl from Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, and as the titular Nana Osaki from NANA.

    And if having Rebecca as our inaugural Guest of Honor wasn’t enough to persuade you, you can also save 15% on all BABSCon 2019 memberships—including our lavish sponsor tiers—from now until June 30. Just use promo code EARLYBIRD when registering to get your discount. Don’t miss out…register now!

    We’re so glad to be back, and can’t wait to see you in the not-too-distant future.

    (Art by PancakeSorcerer)

    About BABSCon
    BABSCon is the Bay Area Brony Spectacular, a convention held in Burlingame, California, for fans and friends of the My Little Pony TV series. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro, owners of the My Little Pony franchise, or any of Hasbro’s affiliates or subsidiaries. The event features various noted voice actors from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon series, as well as guests, artists, and writers from the fan community. The convention hosts various types of events, including a specialized set of events for young children attending with families, as well as events for all ages, and late-night events for adults. BABSCon celebrates not only a wonderful world of pastel ponies, but the friendship and community that inspires us all. BABSCon will be held April 19 – 21, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. More information is available at www.babscon.com.

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