• (Rumor...ish) My Little Pony Season 9 - 26 Episodes, 200th Episode Special, G1's "Grogar" As a Villian, EG Movie News, and More!

    It looks like Hasbro has a pretty big pony showing over at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Unfortunately we are running off of Tweets on this one from the actual event, so we can't 100% confirm them until the big wigs at Hasbro decide to pop a press release out. Consider it a rumor...ish for now. Mike Vogel has favorited some, but we will wait until we get the 100% specifics.

    Regardless, lets dive on in and see what we got! Head on down below the break for a recap of Season 9, Equestria Girls, Specials, and More!

    (Note: Throwing a Season 8 spoiler filter on this, season 9 spoiler will be activated soon)

    Holiday Special:

    • 44 Minutes long (Confirmed during the leaks a few months ago)
    • Written by MKToon (Teased constantly by him on twitter)
    • Airing in the 4th quarter of the year
    • Takes place after season 8
    • Features your usual music!

    Season 9:

    • 26 episodes total
    • Grogar arrives from Tartarus to cause trouble
    • A special 200th episode is planned (Similar to episode 100?)

    Equestria Girls:

    • New Movie - Theme Park and Selfies focused, 44 Minutes with 50 minutes planned for Hasbro's Youtube
    • New shorts, CYOA, songs, and possibly another movie planned

    Thanks to Masem and Chestavian for the heads up!