• Ponyville Ciderfest 2018 Announced! Registration Open Now!

    Music festival and convention? Sounds like a winning combination with how much talent we have here in ponyland. Ponyville Ciderfest is happening this October, and registration is open for any of you interested in attending. Head on down below for the party!

    (Note: Presser was a bit late here on EQD due to us being at EFNW, so consider it "now open" instead of opening soon!)

    PVCF18 will be the biggest music brony music festival ever!
    Our new website is now open! Visit us at ponyvilleciderfest.com
    Welcome to Ponyville Ciderfest 2018! For our 5th year, we are excited to announce our most ambitious convention yet. Not only will we have the same elements and programming that have been satisfying attendees since 2014, but this year we are also aiming to bring the best musicians and performers from the show and fandom to Milwaukee for a weekend like no other!
    The MLP:FiM fandom is FULL of amazingly creative, energetic, and talented people. From musicians and DJs to songwriters and producers, it doesn’t take much effort to get lost in the sea of talent on YouTube or Soundcloud.
    And then there’s the talent on the show itself! Countless fans have fallen in love with the music from the series and movie. Many people from the show have their own musical projects as well, and we are going to do our best to bring as much of this to you as possible!

    Applications will open soon!

    Over the coming days we will start opening applications for all the usual areas. Interested vendors, panelists, community guests, staff, and of course musicians that want to be a part of this landmark weekend will be able to apply soon! For now, you can book your hotel room, and learn about our Sponsor Packages for this yearRegistration will open this coming Friday, May 18th at 10am Central Time. If you’re at Anime Central, come visit us there to buy your badge in person at a discount!
    Here’s a quick Q&A for those that may have some questions:
    Q: I’m not interested in the music, will there be anything there for me?
    A: YES! We will have all our standard elements like great Guests of Honor, the Vendor Hall, Kids Programming, fun panels, the Charity Auction, etc that people have loved about our past events too.
    Q: The con is also on Halloween weekend this year, aren’t you doing a Halloween theme?
    A: We will have some Halloween-related events like the Kids Trick-Or-Treat Parade from 2016 and other things to celebrate the weekend, and attendees are certainly welcome to dress up!
    Q: I hope you’re able to invite my favorite (Guest of Honor/Musician/etc)!
    A: Us too! Make sure to let them know to apply to be a musician once the application opens! We certainly plan on inviting as many people and bands as we can fit!

    We have a lot of plans in the works, so stay tuned for more news!