• Pony Community Soapbox #99 - Pony Attractiveness, Student Six Finale, Flash Sentry, and More!

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    Headlines for the week: 

    • Could the Student Six play a major role in the series finale?
    • Forgotten Friendship: Ultimate Flash Sentry Edition
    • “Art of the Dress” VS “Fame and Misfortune”- who did it better?
    • A Way of Life
    • Explaining Why People Find Ponies Attractive

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    Could the Student Six play a major role in the series finale?
    By: MegaSean45

    As you noticed by my past two soapboxes about Spike and Chrysalis' roles in the final season, I have this trend going on to thinking about what each character might potentially do in the finale! Now I got to thinking about the Student Six! If they have a bigger purpose on the show than just being students, they could play a key role in the final season! Not really defeat the villain, cause that's the Mane 8's job, but more like have Equestria's allies be able to agree and work together against the big threats! The Student Six could pretty much potentially be the next-gen leaders of each of their respected nations (other than Sandbar, and maybe Silverstream).

    With certain groups of seasons of the series, they come in eras. Seasons 1-3, Celestia's student era; Seasons 4-5, Princess Twlight era; Seasons 6-7, Starlight era; and now we have seasons 8 and 9 which could be the era of alliances! If the final episodes involve Equestria's allies working together against a huge threat, then the Student Six might be more involved than we may think! It won't be just the Mane 6, Spike, Starlight, or even the Pillars perhaps!

    Forgotten Friendship: Ultimate Flash Sentry Edition
    By: Flashset2.0

    Forgotten Friendship is great, but I feel it would have been better if Flash Sentry had Trixie’s role.

    Now don’t get me wrong, the version we have is fantastic. Series-long enemies coming together to solve a problem for mutual benefit only to leave with a deeper, unspoken respect and friendship for each other? 10/10, would recommend, the hallway end scene and Yearbook room scene are deeper and more genuine than anything done with Trixie in FiM period with no big fake “love” speeches needed, I will entertain no counterarguments.

    But considering that the special is about Sunset confronting her past as a monster and realizing what it means to be nice, I think it would have been just as, if not more, satisfying to see her work with Flash and confront him and their past. Y’know, make a nice follow-up to Legend of Everfree, show that they are becoming friends, showcase the strength and development of Flash’s character by having him help her despite, by his knowledge, being recently and savagely dumped by her, maybe give us peeks into their relationship and have some cute scenes of the two together, confronting the past to build the future and what not?

    I realize this sounds a tad ship happy, but... Y’know... What’s wrong with that? :3

    “Art of the Dress” VS “Fame and Misfortune”- who did it better?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    While looking at face value, these two episodes might seem about as different as day and night, the moral between them is the same. “Art of the Dress” teaches the valuable lesson of not looking a gift horse in the mouth, and appreciating what you’re given, while “Fame and Misfortune” takes jabs at the expense of the more …eccentric, and older fanbase that follows it, to teach the same lesson, while also spotlighting the fact that the younger-aged demographic who see the gift’s worth and appreciate it more, make them more appreciated in the eyes of the one presenting said gift- the series as a whole. While people often put FaM side-by-side in comparison to “Once Upon a Zeppelin”, I think that “AotD” is a much better episode that presents this moral in a much more positive light.

    A Way of Life
    By: Indiana

    Over the years my life had many ups and downs and it sometimes went to the darkest extreme too. I always had a certain way of being but for some reason it didn't seem to fit with the world. I bet that quite a few of you here had a similar life story of not fitting in and were on the search for a place to fit. So how did we end up with ponies? Is it just because the show is good? I really don't think so. I have seen better shows in my life and yet i don't spend nearly that much time thinking about them or doing anything for them to be honest. Why is MLP different? Well this actually started quite a long time ago. In ancient times those fandoms were called religions. Religions are a way of life that pretty much every person needed in one way or another even if they are not called that way. Keep in mind that i am an atheist and i actually do not believe in anything supernatural. But because of my extreme love for reality and truth i was also left with a big hole for the impossible and magical and that hole was filled by many things and yet none of them fit so well as the religion of FIM . This religion so good at it's core than even an atheist will gladly join it because it does things even better than the ancient ones while also keeping it's truth integrity. And it aligns so well with my life's desires that i should say it actually did become my way of life. One that i will take with me to the grave. Keep doing what you are doing My little pony.

    Explaining Why People Find Ponies Attractive
    By: Nanatsu no Taizai

    The sexuality of the fandom is easily the most hated aspect of it, so in this post i’m gonna try and explain why people find cartoon horses to be sexually appealing.

    First is Body shape and Colors: humans have evolved to appreciate curvy figures for reproductive reasons, even a survey done on a group of men who were born blind and felt mannequins showed that they were more aroused by hourglass shaped than completely round ones, and all the ponies are dawn with thick hips and what can only be described as perfect figures. Colors also play a part in sexuality because bright colors are associated with food and fertility. The reason why red lipstick is a beauty product is because of the association with fruits like apples and strawberries, ponies accidentally take this to the next level by having their whole bodies be brightly colored which furthers this appeal and is combined with natural anime inspired cuteness(which directly translates into their attractiveness through the principals of appeal) and constant sexual stimulation due to the ponies buttoxes constantly on display, the whole art design of Gen4 is a storm inadvertent sexual appeal.

    Then there's personality and psychology: All of the mane6 and pretty much every female in equestria has an extremely appealing personality of some kind which combined with the sheer variety of them, the intimacy with which we’ve known them and their lack of unappealing qualities and systems found in real society. for more on this i recommend looking into the science of Waifus and why many are increasingly finding fictional characters in general more attractive than real people. The psychological aspect simply stems from how ideal equestria is and how it and it’s denizens are more desirable than it’s human counterparts.

    This is meant to neither condemn nor condone Clop, merely explain why it exists.