• Pony Community Soapbox #97 - Formulaic Episodes Getting Boring, Twilight's Ascension, and TOP BAT

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    Headlines for the week: 

    • MLP and its formulaic approach has gotten predictable
    • Why Twilight Became a Princess
    • Chrysalis could be the 'Tempest' of the series finale
    • Why is Twilight so Disrespected as Princess of Equestria?
    • Why SWEET VELVET is the BEST OC

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    MLP and its formulaic approach has gotten predictable
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    So we all know that ‘good triumphing over evil’ is pretty much guaranteed in anything nowadays- not just kids shows, but movies, too. This has been the case even all the way back to MLP g1, and frankly- its gotten predictable. There was a time when MLP (especially g4) used to shake up the status quo, and I think they still have it in them. How can they do this? Well, perhaps MLP staff could take a page from an old cartoon called “Xiaolin Showdown”. In the very first episode, in fact, the bad guy was 3 steps ahead of the good guys, getting to their quested objects first, not once, but twice. There were entire arcs where the bad guys won; episodes would end with the bad guys coming out ahead. Does MLP ever go this route? Well…..no. But it certainly could be less predictable and more exciting if they gave this formula a chance, whether in this gen or the next

    Why Twilight Became a Princess
    By: nopony

    Here is my opinion in the old Twilicorn debate. So, was there a good reason to make Twilight a princess? Finishing Star Swirl's spell wasn't the real reason. It was just a test that Celestia used to determine if Twilight was ready.

    The real reason was that the bearers of the Elements of Harmony became an important part of Equestrian politics. They solved many crises, and saved Equestria from certain doom, so they received the rank they deserved. The title "Princess of Friendship" implies that it's not only about Twilight - as Celestia said in "Twilight's Kingdom", "what is the princess of friendship without her friends?"

    It's not only the recognition of their achievements, but also it makes it easier to spread the magic of friendship further. Being a princess helps with things like maintaining international relations and opening the school.

    Of course it was Celestia who made this decision, and I think it was a wise one. If you look at the entire series, on the surface Celestia didn't do much good, but if you look closer, you will see that she made some "behind the scenes" decisions like this one that helped Equestria indirectly.

    Chrysalis could be the 'Tempest' of the series finale
    By: MegaSean45

    Chrysalis has been a recurring antagonist for a while, and she's still at large, wanting her revenge on Glimglam! Poor Glimglam. That's probably Glimglam's arc right now, and probably her part in the series finale! You know why I say this? Because I believe Chrysalis might be the secondary antagonist of the series finale! Like the 'Tempest Shadow' of the finale! One more chance at revenge by teaming up by a big baddie like Tirek or Grogar, or an army of monsters from Tartarus! Then she's gonna end up betrayed, and who's there to help Chrysalis when no one else is there? Glimglam! It causes Chrysalis to be reformed and play a key part in the finale! She can reunite with her changelings and rule along side Thorax!

    Now this all depends on how things work out on Chrysalis' next appearance! ;) Hopefully she's still a villain by the time the episode ends, and then this could work! Chrysalis could be the last reformed villain of the series!

    Why is Twilight so disrespected as a Princess of Equestria?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    There are times when this animated horse series shows us that the Princesses as a whole and as individuals are extremely respected by the pony populace. Examples such as “Friendship is Magic pt2” and “A Bird in the Hoof” depict ponies bowing in the presence of and eager to wait on Celestia. “Princess Spike” show the fanfare for all the Princesses by the delegates at the summit, “Canterlot Boutique” showed that Twi was leading in the polls taken of “favorite Princess”, “Trade Ya”’s crowd of supporters for Twilight, and “Once Upon a Zeppelin” for Cadance and Twi. But other examples- for Twilight specifically, show just how disrespectfully she’s treated by citizens, such as “Rarity Takes Manehattan” where she was told to get in back of the line for a cab, “Fame and Misfortune”, where fillies were ripping out her journal entries from the book and mouthing off to her in front of her face, and a lot of sass from Trixie in “No Second Prances”.

    By: Otsihtes


    The last few years in pony has been a golden age for edgy cartoon horse propoganda. Everywhere you look, leathery wings, fluffy ears, and slit eyes are becoming the norm. Gone are the days when innovation in pony design was frowned upon. The bats have come, and they are taking over your horsenet one tiny fang at a time!

    Amidst the chaos of a polar shift in OC acceptability, one bat stands above all others. With a mane so complicated that plushie makers balk at the idea of creating it. With socks as the DEFAULT option, and tiny fang clearly visible against her creamy white coat. Do you ever get a craving for eggnog? Cause it's actually just a craving for more Sweet Velvet. Even her name is Sweet. And Velvety.

    When there is nothing else to post, she's got your back. There is no negative feedback when she graces a page with her adorably edgy presence. Only smiles and happiness follow. Embrace this bat, for she is the second coming of My Little Pony. You heard it here first.