• Pony Community Soapbox #95 - Zebra Lives Matter, Spike SNAPPING, Pony Potential, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Zebra Lives Matter
    • Unused Potential
    • Spike suddenly SNAPS!
    • Is Goldie Delicious an ally to Ahuizohtl?
    • What if Pinkie Pie and the CMCs all solved a friendship problem together?

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Unused Potential
    By: Indiana

    I just came back from watching Avengers Infinity War. What the pony feathers have i just watched? SPOILER WARNING! Kind of.

    A cast of 20 core characters and hundreds of supporting and background characters, a world based on a legacy, a magic user and another magic user and even more magic users, magic beams and more energy beams, small magic shields and huge magic shields, demigods that can destroy the world with a literal snap of their fingers, funny characters, complex characters, strong characters, cool fights, villains who sacrifice their allies and villains who sacrifice the ones they love, heroes who refuse to sacrifice their allies to find a better way, heroes who self sacrifice to find greater power, 6 magic elements, the power of friendship that sometimes fails, an ending that left me dumbstruck and more! And this is just part 1 of a two parter??? WHAT? Are you freaking kidding me??? Wait wait waaaaaait a second. All of this stuff that i just mentioned....didn't i see it already somewhere else? I could swear i saw it all somewhere else before. Anyone has any idea?
    My point is that MLP FIM has all the ingredients to be so much more as you will see if you watch this movie but there is something that is holding MLP back. Execution can make a world of difference. If G4 cannot do it then i can only pray that G5 will be able to. Remove the limiter that is "all ages" and show the world what you are truly made of My little pony.

    Is Goldie Delicious an ally to Ahuizohtl?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Is Goldie Delicious in cahoots with Ahuhizotl? She is the only pony who, like Darig Do's nemesis, has a LOT of cats, both big and wild, along with small and domestic, and that jaguar both of them has is the same. Goldie might seem like a crazy, cat-loving hoarder, but I think that she's also a LOT like her (possibly related) Pinkie Pie, who Twilight of all ponies, has called a genius on many occasion, and Goldie knows exactly what she's doing. What also stands out is Ahuzotl's minions are all earth ponies. Could it be that Goldie Delicious is one of Ahuizotl's henchmen, or closely working with him in some grand scheme to destroy Daring Do, or throw Equestria into 100 years of unrelenting heat? Does this scheme involve the entire Apple Clan, or just Goldie?

    What if Pinkie Pie and the CMCs all solved a friendship problem together?
    By: Tadashi (a.k.a. FirePuppy)

    Since Pinkie Pie is a friendship ambassador to Yakyakistan and the Cutie Mark Crusaders -- that's Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo -- have gone on a mission to help a young creature at least once each season and are getting used to it now -- maybe there could be an episode for the final season where all four of them do it at once.

    They could all go to Yakyakistan, like the CMCs and Twilight went to Mount Aris in Surf and/or Turf; and in this mission, help a young yak solve his or her own friendship problem. Don't forget, the CMCs helped a griffon once, and in their last episode, they helped a hippogriff. If they can help creatures like them, they can help yaks, too!

    Zebra Lives Matter
    By: Pony of Shadows

    For many years now, there has been a push in the fandom for more zebra representation in the animated series. Honestly, I have no idea why this species isn’t represented more. Heck, Zecora is just one zebra, and ever since season 4, she has had her screen time drastically reduced. But here’s the thing- books and comics touch on giving more zebras: Queen Parabola is a zebra alicorn from the IDW comic #32, a young zebra appears in the e-book version of Pinkie Pie and the Rockin’ Ponypalooza Party chapter book, a zebra names Braze is introduced in Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare book, a zebra temple is mentioned in the IDW comic MLP Friends Forever #32, and even in generation 1 My Little Pony, there’s a zebra named Zeb that can be brought back, perhaps bearing a relation to Zecora, since Hasbro loves its g1 shoutouts in g4. What’s really the excuse, here, for some, if not all of these zebras, to get screentime?

    Spike suddenly SNAPS!
    By: MegaSean45

    Spike's character has been improved as of season 6 where 'Spikeabuse' is a thing of the past! However, there are still times when he's taken advantage of, and who's to say it's for comedic-purposes? What if it's like this because it's part of his story arc?

    Now Spike is superkind! He's still there for every time Twilight asks him to do something he doesn't want to do, or Rarity taking advantage of his crush to have him do stuff for her! Of course they don't force him to do it, he just doesn't do anything to stop it. It's just like Fluttershy's past-issues of being assertive. Now Spike wouldn't do this on purpose, but what if he had an episode where he just SNAPS? Like Ned Flanders from the Simpsons! He's normally a calm and kind person, but he snapped when too many things were going wrong for him. Would it happen to Spike too? What if a villain takes advantage of that and brainwashes Spike? We did have greedy Spike in the past, but did we have evil Spike? The Anti-Spike? Maybe in certain scenarios of the show we had Spike being selfish, but what I'm thinking about is a little more extreme, if ya catch my drift!

    So any of you want an episode where Spike finally snaps for the garbage he has taken over the years by his friends, and maybe becomes evil for an episode (presumably a 2-parter)?