• Music Festival Everfree Encore 2018 Announced

    Good news for those over in Europe who enjoy the sweet sounds the fandom produces. Everfree Encore, a new event based entirely around music created by the pony fandom, has been announced to take place on September 14th-16th 2018 in Uslar, Germany.

    Find the press release below the break!

    Everfree Encore 2018 - A new Brony music festival in Germany

    That’s right, a new Brony music festival is up. This one is taking place in the middle of Germany, mid September 2018 and they’ve got quite a Line-Up to present to you. But first things first. As a music festival, Everfree Encore is all around brony music, serving several genres from rock music, over HipHop to DJs. All of them want to create one thing: Two evenings of fun, music and party for everyone attending. Responsible for the festival is the Pony Events Federation - the girls and guys behind GalaCon, Germany’s biggest My Little Pony convention. That said you can already imagine the work and effort put behind this project. Besides live music there will also be small panels all around music and, of course, you can get some good old merchandise in the vendor area.

    But now, to the Line-Up!

    Because that’s the most important part of a festival, right? The musicians who will make Everfree Encore a fun and unforgettable event are:

    • The Wasteland Wailers
    • Przewalski’s Ponies
    • MC_Arch
    • Elias Frost
    • Rusty Thorsell
    • DJ Delta
    • DJ Javier
    • DJ Cabraloca for Brony Radio Germany

    Right through all the genres, right? So there’ll be something interesting for everybody!

    But no one wants to just listen to and watch bands the whole day, so there will be fun activities around the area. Volley Ball, Hoof Ball, a shisha lounge, or you cn just relax with friends at the campground. That’s right, because there’s no festival without a propper campground right nearby. So you have the choice to sleep in your tent right next to the festival area or if you prefer to sleep in a comfy bed, you can check in to the close by hostel, which will be exclusive for Everfree Encore visitors over the weekend! Hostel room party, yeehaw!

    If you are now curious about Everfree Encore, why not check out their website: www.everfree-encore.eu You find further information about the campground, the hostel, the festival area and all attending musicians right there.

    Everfree Encore will take place September 14th - 16th 2018 in Uslar, Germany!

    ‘Be our guest and rock on over the weekend with us! Best wishes, Everfree Encore festival mascot, Aurora Harmony’