• Gameloft MLP Game adds Group Quests, New Ponies, and More

    The My Little Pony Game from Gameloft has released another update, introducing a group questing feature where you can send multiple ponies out to complete things. It also includes the usual new ponies, decorations, and houses.

    Full list of updates below.

    Quests just got a whole lot BIGGER! Now you can send not one, but a whole team of your best and brightest ponies on an adventure with Group Quests. And to kick things off, you'll set off on six new missions of friendship! Plus, there are lots of new pony friends to meet and buildings to add to your Ponyville!

    ***WHAT’S NEW***

    GROUP QUESTS: Pick a pack of ponies to set off on an epic journey, possibly for huge rewards. You’ll even help them along the way by making tough decisions to solve unexpected situations!

    NEW PONIES: Meet Abyssinian King and Abyssinian Queen, Queen Cleopatrot, Canterlot Night Guard and more!

    MORE HOUSES: Your ponies will feel right at home with the Royal Legion’s Barracks, Ritzy Boutique, Buckball Field and other awesome abodes.

    FRESH DÉCOR: Deck out your town with the latest in decorations, like Dr. Hooves's Timebox, Ambassadors' Airship, Cloudsdalian Tapestry, Daybreaker’s Throne and much more!

    Download the update now to join this amazing new adventure!

    Thanks to Kalecgos for the heads up.