• Discussion: You've Survived a Nuclear Apocalypse! Pick a Team to Survive

    Nuclear war finally went ahead and got itself over with. The majority of the world's population has been completely obliterated, but there is good news! One of the bombs triggered some weird multi-dimensional reaction and opened a portal to Equestria. The ever-benevolent Twilight Sparkle has stepped through and offered to help you, for research of course.

    Three ponies she will summon to help you survive the harshness of the wasteland. Any cartoon horse you want, from OCS to the mane cast. For whatever reason, they are all more than willing. Twilight Sparkle cites Science. In your desperate and lonely situation, you don't question it.

    Now choose! Pick three ponies that will help you survive the apocalypse, or at least keep you from getting bored.