• Discussion: You've Ascended to ALICORNDOM. What Do You Do For Your First Day?

    SURPRISE! You are now a pony! 
    WOAH, you just sprouted wings. 
    HOLY CELESTIA, you just sprouted a horn. 
    OH NO, something else is missing if you were originally a guy.

    Luna just landed and slapped a crown on your head. Congratulations, you are now a princess. You can decide what you are a princess of. Your flank is blank until you do.

    You get a castle. Where do you want to put it? Anywhere is fine. Slap it right in the middle of Ponyville if you want. The Ponies of Equestria already have contingency plans in place for random structures sprouting in their usually peaceful streets.

    You get to make three laws. What do you force the ponies of Equestria to change about their society? Will you be a tyrant or a savior?

    How else do you spend your first day?

    Discuss below!