• Discussion: Are There Any Hybrid Pony Races You'd Like to See the Show or Fandom Explore?


    I'm not sure how long these 5PM topic discussions will last, but people seem to be enjoying them so I don't see a reason to stop. Feel free to submit your prompts.

    With the overwhelming success of BATS totally happening and not at all being pushed by anyone, we've seen a ton of new hybrid pony races pop up over on Deviant Art. Cartoon horses are having their features molded to fit an assortment of new races, from dragon/pone hybrids to even inanimate objects and ghosts.

    Where do you think this will go though? We've got a ponified Sphinx under our belts from last season bringing on the canon, but the fandom has unlimited resources to do whatever it wants with the pony design. Is there an animal, object, or idea you'd like to see forced upon our equine overlords?

    Discuss below!