• Pony Community Soapbox #91 - The Dark Side's Deep End, Theft in Ponyland, Krastos the Gluemaker, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Clop Does NOT Lead to Real Horses
    • How Could The Movie Not Get Released in Japan or Korea?
    • Ponies, theft, and punishment
    • We need to be there for eachother better!
    • My Little Pony The Movie Allows Krastos the Gluemaker to Possibly Exist

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Clop Does NOT Lead to Real Horses
    By: Lanit

    In response to last week's community soapbox calling for a cleanup of Google, I wanted to chime in with my thoughts. Many people seem to think cloppers want to have sexual intercourse with actual horses, and while the art has gotten more anatomically correct over time, it doesn't at all mean people are interested in the actual animal. Ponies are not shaped like real horses at all. Their bodies are small and legs thick with lots of human-like curvyness. Their snouts are short and cute while horses are long and terrifying. Horses have small beady eyes, while our ponies have gigantic ones with lots of expression.

    There are cute horsey things they do that are appealing, but it won't ever lead to actual horses. We are not going to have an epidemic of people looking to raid farms for booty because a few scantily clad ponies are on Google images. If anything, it will just lead to more furries, since they are much closer to that than anything else. Furries, while weird, aren't hurting anyone. Even if it did lead to horses, ancient civilizations regularly got it on with their farm animals. It's only Christian society that says it's evil. Lets stop attacking people for their orientations and start accepting that people are weird and like weird things.

    Ponies, theft, and punishment
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Its no surprise that people got up in arms about Twilight attempting to steal the pearl from the Seaponies in the MLP movie. It was ooc for Twilight and morally wrong, naturally. However, what surprizes me is that to my knowledge, few, if anyone made such a stink over Fluttershy stealing from Princess Celestia, back in “A bird in the hoof”. And this was no mere inanimate object like a pearl, it was a living, breathing creature that was the ruler of Equestria’s pet and family! Ironically, it was Twilight who freaked out over such a theft (and feared that Celestia would radically punish Fluttershy), only to commit the same crime in her movie debut. So why such an uproar when Twilight steals from an important ruler, but none when Fluttershy does so?

    How Could The Movie Not Get Released in Japan or Korea?
    By: Tadashi Satoru (a.k.a. FirePuppy)

    It's been six months since the movie came out, and so far now, two countries still didn't get the film: Japan and South Korea. I am, however, pretty confident that Japan will get the movie someday, since most American movies get released late there nowadays.

    But for South Korea, it's a totally different story. Originally scheduled for a release in early 2018 with an "All Ages" rating being given to the film in January, something terrible happened to The Movie two months later -- it got rejected due to "circumstances of the import distributor". In turn, this caused the film to be in the exact same position as all Japanese media was before Korean President Kim Dae Jung took any action.

    And already, there's a lot of Japanese films that didn't take as long as MLP: The Movie will to get released in Korea, including most Doraemon and Pokemon movies from 2009-2017, and Narratage, another Japanese film that was released on October 7, 2017 and in Korea only five months later.

    Still, it's just not fair. If the distributors can even allow an adult animated film like Sausage Party, why are they showing no mercy to My Little Pony: The Movie?

    We need to be there for eachother better!
    By: MegaSean45

    MLP is a great show, filled with inspiring content and lovable characters! But it is not a flawless show and has a set of problems that bother some people, and there are certain people that don't agree and that problem in the first place. Now that's ok! The show has taught us that differences of opinions are normal and shouldn't be a problem! People get excited when they see Derpy! I'm not. Most people don't like Newbie Dash, but I do! I don't like Sparity and want the crush to end but others want them together! This is all ok to me! It's ok to debate as as long as it doesn't get too aggressive. I respect everyone's opinions, no problemo! Even if someone wants to leave the show or the fandom, it's their loss but I respect their decisions. :)

    But what I DON'T like is people taking opinions so personally to the point where it looks like they're gonna hate you forever if you think like that. If something bothers someone personally (even if it seems stupid) and you think it's not a big deal, just imagine if you were in their shoes. Even if the show staff don't listen and continue with the problem, it can't hurt to just attempt to fix it! Who knows? You might get lucky! ;) But there are times we're not, and it bothers us. If the show staff can't help us, we can help eachother through the problem as a community, instead of just saying "get over it", it doesn't solve anything.

    We're all we have, brahs! Remember the brony code: love and tolerance!

    My Little Pony The Movie Allows Krastos the Gluemaker to Possibly Exist
    by: Mariusioannesp

    Anyone remember Krastos the Gluemaker? A joke MLP villain mentioned in an NPR interview with Bill Clinton. I remember him popping up every once in a while in the fandom back in the day. I also remember that Krastos was sometimes depicted as an anthropomophic bear to be more in line with the world of MLP. In My Little Pony: The Movie, it's established that there are anthropomorphic animals in the lands beyond Equestria. Not only that, but Capper specifically mentions there being a "Queen of the Bears". That means there could be anthropomorphic bears somewhere. So in a very subtle way, MLP The Movie suggests the possibility that the bear-version of Krastos the Gluemaker could exist in the world of MLP.