• Patreon Celebration - April - Ponies in SPACE

    I have this weird recurring dream where I'm in a really awesome looking little personal space cruiser orbiting Jupiter. It's super relaxing. Various things happen while this is going on, but only chill stuff. Usually music in the background, or a portable game to play. There have even been a few with some pone. Just watching the storms flow around with my feet up and whatever cartoon horse my brain has come up with at the time hangin in the co-pilot seat joining me. It even has a kitchen/bar thing with a mini fridge.

    Because of this, we go to space today. The Equestrian space program has made huge progress these last 10 years, and it's time for us to gaze upon a planet or two.

    Also Patreon stuff. If you want to help save EQD from yet another shortened season due to the awesome scheduling going on at whaetver Hasbro office signs network contracts, head on over here to hop on! It's celebration time. In SPACE.

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!

    Maldoras - "Thanks to all EQD staff for their work and especially to Sethisto and Blueshift for the really funny April Fool."

    Shadowkrosser - "If being awful is normal then being different is awesome."

    Vendias - "Lyra is broken..."

    Callum - "Read a book and stop complaining!!"

    Tier 2 - Include an image! 

    From Bernard! - "You too can look this cool!"

    From Niels Olof - "School is in session"

    Luster - "Achieving your dream is only the beginning. Helping others achieve theirs is what really makes you great."

    All Other Tiers!

    Ryan - "The season has been fun so far, it's great to be able to look forward to Saturdays again"

    Tresidale Blossom / smulesscootaloo523 - "This is Tresidale Blossom, awesome artist everything MLP related, audiodramas, art, emule, covers, colabs, parodies, voiceaction, aromatics, animation, she got it ALL!!! "