• "My Little Pony: Pinkish Cafe" Rides Again in Japan!

    For those of you heading to The Land of the Rising Sun there will be a themed My Little Pony restaurant for you to enjoy! Having first appeared in 2015 (with a Generation 1 theme) followed by a return in 2017, the 2018 appearance will mark the third time a My Little Pony Restaurant has appeared in Japan over the last four years.

    Only this time, there will be two restaurants in the country instead of one!

    As reported by the Japanese online magazine Fashion Press, the My Little Pony: Pinkish Café will be open in the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto. While the end dates for the two locations are different, they are both opening up on Monday April 16, 2018.

    Reservations are required for this eatery, so do plan ahead if want to stop by. All necessary information can be found online on Fashion Press's article.

    After the break you'll be able to find an image of one of the tasty treats!  Also, if you're interested, try Google Translating Fashion Press's article… it reads like a Hasbro Press release for some reason.

    Special thanks to our friends at Japan Ponycon for the heads up!