• Episode Followup - "The Maud Couple"


    Well uhh alright then. I'll just IV the Adderall and caffeine directly in. That should do it.

    We got antisocial introverted ponies to cover this week, and as an avid obsessive video game nerd since the wee age of 5, who better to cover a pair of like-minded individuals than me?

    That and Marble. Everyone's favorite February 2014 - March 2014 horse crush is back yet again for another round of adorable facial expressions and cute "mmhmm!" sounds. Literal manufactured cuteness.

    Followup below!

    There was a time when comedians really were the best people start a real discussion on a topic that everyone out there in the public world was too afraid to bring up for fear of being ostracized by their peers. Is that what we got here with Maud's Earth Pony joke? To an audience filled with Earth Ponies no less. 8 seasons in, and the topic of earthy negatives has finally cropped up. I'm still waiting for an episode that really tackles that one.

    Remember when Caramel was that token gay pony? Him and Braeburn? Or maybe Braeburn was the one people were supposed to be gay for.  Actually I think I remember Caramel being the transgendered pony. Or a vampire. Or secretly a dude from EG land who got trapped on this side of the portal but soon found that he fit in way more with colorful equines.

    Whatever he was, he has apparently started a herd with a pair of background mares who probably have equally crazy fandom stories.

    Just like these two! Though I think M.A. Larson topped our vanilla lesbian horse shipping when he turned them into secret agent lesbian horses instead. Imagine the fanfic possibilities~

    Of course, how could we miss the completely plastered Cheerilee back there rolling around on the floor at how ridiculous Maud is? T

    Pinkie was in rare form this time. I swear they have raised her volume over the last few years, cause there isn't anything else on TV, Netflix, Hulu, or anywhere that makes me actually turn my sound down or risk piercing an eardrum. Maybe it's because the last two Maud based episodes starred an overly excited or angry version?

    Fortunately,  with the volume down she's still... wonderfully terrifying.

    I always did love horror movies, and nothing would scare me more than this randomly barging into my room:

    Seriously, you all give Glimmy crap for being somewhat unstable, but she's a champ for dealing with Pinkie Pie whenever Maud is involved. Imagine if you were besties with a super chill pone only to be randomly harassed while relaxing with a good book by her sugar infused sister appearing from a potted plant in the corner.

    Though at this point, maybe the citizens of Equestria have just come to expect it, or even enjoy it. She'd never go too far... right?



    Lets shift back to Mini-Twi and analyze that amazing room of hers. We don't often get a look at all sides of it like we did in this one. The bed part is pretty much all kites and throwbacks to her old days (including the crossed out Equal sign framed next to her portrait of Trixie), but what's with the stuff over here?

    • A picture frame with a photo of creepy black clouds
    • A swirly magical ball thing
    • A ...giant human boot? 
    • A purple illuminati pyramid

    I have no idea where I was going with that. Glimmy is such a complex and interesting mare I can't help but talk about everything involving her~

    I'm ruined.

    I bet she's based on some famous baker I don't know the name of. We haven't had a celebrity shoutout like that in awhile and the mane and tail are way too complex for a random background pony.

    Unfortunately, I'm not a details oriented person at all. You've uhh, probably noticed that. Do you want to know who I drive crazier than anyone? People like Mud Briar here! I've gotten so many angry emails from people like this who declare without a doubt the this list of typos on posts from 2013 they compiled need to be fixed ASAP or the world will 100% definitely end.

    One of these days...

    I like that Pinkie Pie immediately and unquestionably accepts that her favoritest of favorite sisters might have a legitimate relationship going on with a giant rock. Like it's totally expected and she was just waiting for the day when Maud would break down and admit to years of fawning over the supple curves and sharp edges of various boulders laying around as a foal at the rock farm. Sneaking off in the dead of night to cuddle up to a freshly dug pile of geodes while her family snoozes away completely oblivious to her slow descent into madness.

    Kinda like the brony fandom and it's infatuation with curvy fan art of cartoon horses~

    I love it. It's just so beautifully insane. 

    What a trooper.

    Obligatory Episode Followup butt
    I wonder what the animators that animate this stuff think when they do it?

    >Pretend to be deep and interesting
    >Act like you have full control of your subconscious
    >Ascended above your average stallion with an IQ that would make a computer jealous
    >Greentext mad knowledge daily on Ponechan
    ....>Everything is literally just your girlfriends house and bedroom

    I think I know where this dude's head is.

    I guess that counts as this episode's scrunchy face

    This scene is so awkward. Not because of the two super awkward monotone ponies, and not because of the slightly awkward "haha" Glimmy, but all because of dat Ponk. It's weird really. She's the most social and friend filled pony in the show, yet also leaps and bounds more socially unaware than anyone else.

    Good thing FIM's #1 accidental common sense guru was here to stop this before it went into family-wrecking territory.

    Figured I'd screencap Pinkie's old room here, but there isn't anything interesting in it that I see.

    Except Limestone. She's interesting. Super interesting after this episode. Have we ever met a pony with legitimate depression before? The way she straight up admitted to ponk that she is crying-level miserable "all the time" was pretty deep for a cartoon about happy horses for kids.

    And that unfortunate jealousy. This poor pony is crying out and no one is bothering to listen. Limestone was pretty low on my list of "ponies I like" after Marble stole the show a few seasons ago when they were introduced, but now I just feel bad for her. I hope we get some closure out of her before the show ends some day.

    We need to get her a friend-making episode just like Maud got. A pony she can intimately connect with and really bring out the inner mare just screaming to show the world what she's really capable of!

    ...Preferably not her sister. You pervs. I've seen those fanfics and drawings and I was absolutely outraged at what I saw! Monstrous I say! Devious! Unclean! Morally repugnant! Family values have gone out the window in this world and I demand we delete everything! 

    In a few days.

    I need to finish collecting it as evidence.

    Jesus, she's cute even when she's angry isn't she?

    Even her "stop squeezing me Pinkie I can't breathe!" pose is adorable.

    I had like 20 more Marble screenshots and was going to do a giant tribute piece to her, but I literally spent all day yesterday shilling an edgy bat horse and obnoxious blue unicorn so I think I'll spare you from whatever tier of the spectrum I'm on this time.

    This scene is 100% a throwback to Mauds joke at the beginning of the episode. It's happening. We are finally going to confront the Earth Pony lack of magical skill conundrum.

    Either Ponyville is the most tolerant group of individuals in any universe on any planet anywhere, or they are so used to weird crap going down that this is just another drop in the already overflowing bucket of "wut?" they deal with on an every day basis.

    3rd option: someone spiked the punch and they are all way too out there to care at this point.

    Lets end this one on a happy note, because nothing made me more happy in this episode than seeing Maud Pie happy. Her smile is infectious. She may share the same model as all the other cartoon horses, but seeing her crack a grin could fill even the grumpiest of people with joy.

    Bask in Happy Maud

    And Glimmy too. Technically, she's just as amazing when happy <3 p="">