• Story: I, Fluttershy (or Autumn Without End) (Update - Sequel)


    Author: President Dead


    Everypony has always just assumed that Fluttershy is simply a product of her environment, of her parents’ amalgamated genetic material. She is just a remarkably pretty, reticent pony, who had a questionable upbringing by questionable ponies. She could have turned out better. End of story.
    Not so. Fluttershy’s misery does not, in fact, spawn from her family or from her environment at all. And as a particular time of year arrives yet again, the long-suffering yellow pegasus realises that she, like all those around her, must finally begin asking the right questions and discover the true reason that every two years she must meet with a strange, otherworldly being, the true reason her life hurts more than anypony else’s, the true reason the Abyss calls to her.

    I, Fluttershy (or Autumn Without End)
    I, Fluttershy - Kill the Dawn
    I, Fluttershy - At Forever's End (Sequel)

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