• MERCH REVIEW: My Little Pony: The Movie Rainbow Dash Seapony Blankie Tail

    Well that review title is something I never thought I was going to type on this keyboard… three years ago. After writing on Equestria Daily for over three years now, there is literally nothing that surprises me anymore.  Especially when an award winning product like Blankie Tails—including the Creative Child Awards Product of the Year Award for 2017—acquires a license to product My Little Pony products!

    Last year they released a printed fabric Blankie Tail for My Little Pony featuring Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie just in time for Christmas. This year, at New York Toy Fair, Blankie Tails revealed a couple new additions to the their product line.

    And they sent me a free sample of one of their new products to review for everyone here at Equestria Daily! So sit back and relax folks, cause we've got another product review for you!

    I can't comment on the packaging for this product, for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is the fact it didn't come packaged in one of the boxes. I have a feeling that's more a problem with the packaging not being complete.

    That said, I do love the presentation I did receive in the mail. Expertly presented. The bow looks fantastic, and the tissue paper really gave it a nice professional feel.

    The blanket itself, when unfurled, is an accurate recreation of Rainbow Dash's Sea Pony lower half from My Little Pony the Movie. The dorsal fin has been removed and the cutie mark embroidered directly only the side of the blanket, but the shape of the tail fin is 100% spot on.

    For anyone who wants to pretend to be a Seapony Rainbow Dash, which logically should be everyone who has ever watched My Little Pony: The Movie, this product is a perfect way to turn your legs into a fish tail.

    Oh, and it also has a side effect of keeping your legs warm while you wear it sitting on the couch. That alone is worth its weight in fleece. Which is a good thing since the entire piece is made out of microfleece.

    Dang it, now I wish they develop a product using one of Tony Fleecs's designs. Then we could once again have Fleecs on a fleece.

    Yeah, my puns stink. But you know what doesn't? This embroidery work! The thread count on the embroidery is tight, neat, and 100% decorative. But it does serve the purpose of bringing the detail where the tail fin meets the body into sharp relief.

    The fact the color of the embroidery work on the tail fin also matches the color of the outline on Rainbow Dash is no accident. It's an attention to detail level which is commonly found on high quality licensed MLP products. Like for instance the MLP Plushies from 4DE.

    Dang it, now I wish this blanket was adult sized as opposed to child sized. Or I was 4' 9". My legs are just way too long for this.

    The blanket also features a couple of details which I have never seen on fleece blankets before. The first is this raised sphere patter on the ring surrounding the opening of the blankie tail. I haven't the slightest idea on how they did this. Nor do I really want to know how they did it. It is freaking cool and I don't want the mystery ruined for me!

    As for embedding gold dots into the fleece… thanks to Star Trek: Discovery and their Starfleet Uniforms, I have a slight idea on how that effect was achieved. It looks slightly less complex than embedding raised Starfleet deltas onto fabric, but this is no random patter of gold dots.

    The amount of design work that went into this is astounding. And if the child variant of last year's MLP Blankie Tail is any indication, it should have a price point of around $36.95 when it is available to order.

    And then there is the cutie mark. The whole CM isn't embroidered, which I'm sure is a cost saving measure, but the solution the designer made for filling in Rainbow Dash's CM cloud is a smart one. It's a white piece of glitter fabric. The effect is subtle, but in the right light the effect is impressive.

    Of course, the embroidered part of the CM is show accurate perfect. Absolutely no flaws.

    So what is my final verdict on My Little Pony: The Movie: Rainbow Dash Seapony Blankie Tail? If you have a kid who is super into MLP, or happen to know one who is family, go buy it for them. However, if you're an adult it is a little short of adult sized bodies. Though if you are just collecting My Little Pony merchandise, this is definitely a must buy.

    Until the next toy review folks, this has been The Illustrious Q. See you in the comments.