• Discussion: What Other Ponies Do You Want to See Teach at Twilight's School?

    We've got a whole fandom of fanon based ponies, along with a bunch of side ponies who could potentially take up a place at Twilight's school. Considering ponies seem to have unlimited amounts of free time to do anything regardless of how busy they appear to be with their day-to-day lives, lets assume all are eligible.

    And so, you have been chosen to pick up some new teachers to help enlighten the next generation of cartoon animals who can't quite figure out this friendship thing. It's incredibly confusing over in ponyland after all.

    Who do you pick? Should Iron Will bring his self help seminars and motivate the creatures of Equestria to be more assertive? Or should one of our fanon pones come in and teach denistry/dubstep/mail delivery/monster hunting/sex ed/or whatever other weird thing we've had them do?

    Discuss below!