• Buy your VIP Meal Tickets for Everfree Northwest!

    With EFNW slowly creeping up on us, it's time to get your VIP Meal Tickets while they last! Want to enjoy an awesome meal while chatting with some of the VIP talent invited for this year? Well, now is your chance!

    Check on after the break for all the information!

    Attention everypony! Everfree Northwest 2018 VIP Event Tickets are now on sale! We’ve got three special events this year for you to relax and enjoy a gourmet meal while getting better acquainted with our special VIP guests. Take your pick of dinner on Friday or Saturday, or indulge in a late morning brunch on Sunday, but act fast - we’ve only got 20 seats available for purchase at each event. Dinner tickets will be $300 each and brunch tickets will be $250 each.

    If you’re interested in getting early access to purchase these tickets, buy a Sponsor+ badge before tomorrow and you’ll be able to use your registration code to purchase a ticket in advance of general attendees. If you’ve already purchased your Sponsor+ badge, check your email to take advantage of this early access benefit and grab your VIP event tickets before they are gone!

    If you’re a Tree of Friendship badge holder, it gets even better! Not only do you already have a guaranteed spot for two (you & a friend) at each meal, but you also get exclusive access to a special guest “cocktail hour” reception before each meal event! This means you’ll have even more time to interact with our VIPs before the rest of the dinner guests arrive (and you’ll be treated to a few surprises we won’t reveal just yet). There are currently three Tree of Friendship badges still available, so if you want take advantage of this great deal and other great ToF perks, head over here to grab one while supplies last: https://everfreenw.com/register/

    Hope to see you there!

    Art by http://artistchristad.deviantart.com

    Twitter: Calpain