• Random MLP Merchandise - Weird Purse Things, Mugs, Candy Tins, and More

    These things are... kinda terriying. Also found at Walmart apparently if you want them. Thanks to Ryzd for the image.

    And below the break, tons of random merch! Go get it.

    Misc Art and Beauty Sets

    Found By: Knadire
    Found At:  Dollarama

    Tinker Toys and Mirror at Five Below

    Found By: Duel Monster
    Found At: Five Below

    2018 Giant Activity Pad 

    Found By: Loud Taffy
    Found At: Costco

    Pony Mugs

    Found By:  Jeffrey
    Found At: Tupperware Site

    Valentine Pail

    Found By: Framwinkle
    Found At: Target

    8 Inch Applejack Brushable 

    Apparently this thing has been elusive.

    Found By: Framwinkle
    Found At: Fred Meyer

    Pony Popsockets

    Found By: Christopher, Rich
    Found At: Target

    Candy Surprise Tins

    Found By: Rich
    Found At: Target

    New Sunglasses Designs

    Found By: Evil Paladin
    Found At: Walmart

    MLP Movie Easter Egg Sticker Packs

    Found By:  Braverythebrony
    Found At: CVS

    Paint a Canvas Pack

    Found By:  Braverythebrony
    Found At: CVS

    Japanese Faber Random Merchandise

    Found By: Ayu
    Found At:  Faber