• Ponies "Leave Equestria" to Create Twilight's Magical School of Friendship - Playset And Presser Image

    Toy Fair is right around the corner with a starting time of the 17th, and Hasbro has dropped off a press release giving more insight into the Friendship School playset that we revealed a few days ago, including some much better stock images to show off what exactly you can expect if you pick it up.

    The presser also reveals a bit more informationl on the school as a whole. Apparently, it is located outside of Equestria. They seem to really be pushing the setting change as quoted here:

    In Friendship is Magic, the Ponies have long lived in the Kingdom of Equestria.  In the new season, premiering on Discovery Family this spring, the setting changes for the first time as the Mane 6 Ponies leave Equestria to start the Magical School of Friendship.  The new toy, available this fall, is a huge playset that allows kids to explore the various classrooms in the school.

    You can get another picture of the set below. Expect a ton of news on it, and more, when Toy Fair lands a few weeks from now and Illustrious Q reports the hell out of it.