• Patreon Celebration - February - Vinyl's Vortex of ...Some V Word for Party

    It's that time once again, and patreon rewards are being collected now! As always, if you haven't collected yours yet, feel free to message to EQD Patreon Page and claim it.

    Season 8 is starting to ramp up, so hopefully things get a little crazier here soon! The slowness is hard to keep the madness going through!

    Anyway, vinyl is the theme this time. Head on down below for the celebration post~

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!

    Silver Tail - " Look into the darkness and pick out a single light, use that light as your hope, your heart and your soul. "


    Scuba Drew - "Love people, and use things -- because the opposite never works."

    Shadowkrosser - "Sad that I get just as much harassment from bronies for WHICH ponies I like as from non-bronies for liking MLP at all."

    Tier 2 - Include an image!

    Tresidale - "This is Tresidale Blossom, awesome artist everything MLP related, audiodramas, art, emule, covers, colabs, parodies, voiceaction, aromatics, animation, she got it ALL!!!"

    Luster - "Even at your lowest point, remember: You're awesome. Never give up."

    Forzic - "A bug can cute too."

    Everyone else!

    Ryan - "excited for the new season and the change of setting, onward to more bright pony friends" 

    Zezemba - "Eat more cookies"

    RD - "Applejack shouldn't be replaced!!"

    Actually lets do vaporwave.